What did you take a photo of on your walk today?

(Regina) #182

I read about swiping down to lower the light. That sorta worked. I still find night shots fascinating. But even day shots seem grainy. And here is what is weird. On my phone, day shots look clear. I upload them, and they fall apart.

(Regina) #183

And may I add, this is my favorite thread to date. Just wait until Spring - I will inundate the thread with my plants! (If I haven’t done so already!) I love sharing pics!

(it's official - I'm forked) #184

Your outside days shots - yesterday - look fine (apart from the sloping horizons :slight_smile:

But it’s about how much light you have - you have a lot, the camera doesn’t strain to get enough light, and so it’s all easy. Low light - your kitty, the moon - and it’s struggletown.

And they look better on the phone because it’s a little space and the camera can play tricks like sharing pixels and so on because the pixel density is very high. Not so on a bigger screen, where the flaws become more obvious, as you say.

Bear in mind that more and more people are only looking at images on their phones, so that’s what phone manufacturers are optimising for.

(Regina) #185

As usual, you hit the nail on the head. Please explain the sloping horizons.


Cute little beach library in the dunes :grin:

(it's official - I'm forked) #187

See how the house of eggs is sliding away to the left (look at the lightpost angle) and the Christmas tree it sliding right? You just need to look at a vertical in the shot and make sure it’s actually vertical (or the same with a horizontal) and then you know you’re holding the camera straight and not tilted. (Unless you want tiled for an effect, of course.)

(Jane) #188

I LOVE that!!!


(Jane) #189

Ha! Wait until my ginormous garden gets going next year… talk about pictures of veggies and fruit!!! :heart_eyes:

(Jane) #190

Hmmmmm… even before then I can post pictures of my plant babies in my basement under my grow lights… they are tomatoes and peppers but I’m sure some of my neighbors would swear I’m growing weed down there!!!:rofl:


It was an otherwise ordinary walk - bit flat, cold & windy - but the library brightened it up :slightly_smiling_face:

(Ellen) #192

That’s a great idea!

(Brennan) #193

Downtown Sarnia, love that wide angle lense sometimes :grin:


Wow, you live in NARNIA?

(Brennan) #195

Lol :sunglasses:

(Bob Johnson) #196

We have a mocking bird that just showed up this year at our house. We’ve had probably every species of bird native here visit us, or at least be seen. This one (always just one, makes me think it’s always the same one) has not only shown up every day for the past few months, but announces his arrival by pecking on the windows of the house.

I resorted to placing items in the window, pieces of cardboard, flowers, etc… to make the space not look like it was passable. But I think it’s his reflection he see’s as another mocking bird moving in to his territory.

After ‘fixing’ the windows he immediately took to the wife’s car. He now attacks her side mirrors every morning, leaving the glass on the mirror and windows all smudged. Not to mention leaving more poop than I would think such a small bird could drop. EVERYDAY. He’s lucky the area we live in is classified as a bird sanctuary. Or I’d introduce him to my little friend, “Ol’ Blue” (a Daisy 880, not a Red Ryder) :scream:

(Regina) #197

(Jane) #198

Is that all fur and fluff? Or is she a bit on the hefty side?

Beautiful kitty!

(Regina) #199

Never picked her up - it’s the neighbors’ kitty. I just love her eyes and that pouty expression.


Perhaps you can rent her out to Bob, as a solution to his Mocking bird problem :grin:

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