What did you take a photo of on your walk today? (feat. CHUNK) PART 2!

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Gorgeous photos!

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Calla lily


That second photo… It’s my favorite color combo for gladiolas… I don’t have these wonderful flowers as I can’t put the bulbs in some good place in winter (I probably could solve it somehow but I don’t want to bother with it, I have lots of flowers not needing care) and without that, they die :frowning: The same for dahlias.
Oh well, I have lilies, orange red ones, not my favorite white with brown dots… Maybe one day. I focused on my fruits and crocuses this far (and I would need to get out something to plant new lilies). And black tulips but they died out soon…
Not like I am very lucky with my crocuses. I always have some, different colors even but still too few. They don’t multiply, in the contrary, I buy new ones almost every year to keep the numbers the same…

But I have always some flowers in my garden :wink: Except in the winter months, of course.
And fresh fruits from the end of May to December (I adore medlar, my winter fruit :smiley: one year I almost had some fresh ripe ones for Christmas!)… And after that I can still pick some rosehips…

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I don’t blame you - I have enough to take of now without babying and digging up bulbs and saving them. Nope. I moved here from Houston so I miss some of the tropicals I grew there without effort - bougainvillea and mandevilla. I’d have to leave them in a pot and bring indoors during the winter.

We plan to build a greenhouse someday so maybe I can have a couple of exotics in the corner :slightly_smiling_face:

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By the way, I have 2 oleanders in pots as they would die in a colder winter. The big one is in my way during the winter, blocks the window with other plants, watering them all is tricky during those months… It was a gift and it doesn’t even bloom as much as other people’s oleanders, I will try to give her more nutrients this year (though I like the few flowers too, they are pretty). They are complaining when I forget to give them lots of water all the time too (all my other plants are fine with me forgetting watering them for weeks, they are all healthy and beautiful so I am spoiled)… I love plants but the tedious ones aren’t for me.

Next time I will bring some photos as well…

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I’ve posted lots of individual flowers but here is a shot of one of our flower beds

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Had a storm come through last night and broke off 3 of my red gladiolas. I cut them and took to my neighbors since my wild Maine coon kitty would think I presented her with a new toy to bat over! Took them some green and yellow beans from the garden and some spicy salsa verde from fresh peppers and tomatillos.

I noticed the stamens were purple and snapped a pic.

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More flowers LOL


Walk on the local beach. It’s winter here.

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@Shortstuff figured you may like this. Tubing on a lazy river (just floating on some tubes) and we had a lot of geese chilling with us!

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image image image

I don’t know why the first picture is rotated sideways :woman_shrugging:

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Back story on this one from a few days ago! I heard a lot of commotion on my street and I followed a poor raccoon that had a jar stuck on its head to the bank. I couldn’t get near it. Everything I tried wasn’t working! Someone saw me trying to corner him and grabbed a towel out of his truck! We cornered him together. He quickly wrapped him in a towel and I pulled the jar off his head. Little guy was fine and sat and thanked us once he realized we were trying to help

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Oh how wonderful of you @monsterjuice :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Awww, that is wonderful that you and that kind man were able to help him out.