What did you take a photo of on your walk today? (feat. CHUNK) PART 2!

(Jane) #524

My smoke bush

Cardinal on my feeder. My oakleaf hydrangea is in the background and will be blooming soon.

(Jane) #525

One more. I have no idea how many rose bushes we have… but it’s a lot

(Susan) #526

All those beautiful flowers that are posted above are absolutely beautiful – thanks to all that post them – especially @Janie and @Shinita – very lovely and the colours are so vibrant.

(Jane) #527

Thanks @Momof5!

(Jane) #528

Not everything blooming is something we planted. A wildflower that looks like tiny amethysts

(Jane) #529


I am sooo lazy nowadays. It’s good @Janie brings those flowers, beautiful ones!!!

I took photos but why uploading them is such a chore to me? I don’t know.
It doesn’t help that I am even less pleased with them than usual, the weather often wasn’t good (too little light, wind, whatever) and I just couldn’t focus enough…
But I have so many flowers! I had no idea I had such irises… :thinking:

When a flower lays on the ground for some flower so I can’t make a proper shot and end up with a close-up :smiley:

I had the seeds for sprouts but it’s not so tasty. So I rather look at their flowers!

This beauty is wonderful. I bought it full with flowers last spring. It had a few flowers until late autumn and this year it bloomed very spectacularly again.

And I love simple ancient green things too… They were around hundreds of millions years ago and now they are less apparent but it’s nice to see them…

A very unusual flower and it took a lot of attempts and laying on the ground the shot a tiny flower…

Fruit season arrived. I just couldn’t find a better strawberry, the few first ones preferred hiding behind leaves and I had little patience…

Most of my raspberries aren’t red but yellow. This one is orange colored. Sometimes they are pink. The yellow and red ones mixed in interesting ways…

My little pears are still standing on their “heads” :slight_smile:

From the neighbor street. I just couldn’t made a better picture but I shot some in one of the nearby forests as well… Half an hour on foot :wink: The first is 10-15 seconds from my property…

I have more photos but I need to sort them… Why I must shot every little flower in the forest, I don’t know…

(Jane) #531

Gorgeous photos @Shinita. Thanks for sharing with us!

(KCKO, KCFO) #532

Because it is too hard to pick the most beautiful ones. You and Janie both have lovely gardens. Ours is just starting to come on strong. I should take some shots as well.

(KCKO, KCFO) #533

No flowers except the blooms on the chives. This is my kitchen garden area.


(Jane) #534

Chicken coop got a couple coats of paint! Started this project 2 weeks ago and finally had some dry weather and the time off from my job to finish it. Made a repair on the watering system also.

(Jane) #535

I backed all the way up to the creek and still couldn’t get the entire rainbow in one picture

(Allie) #536


(Jane) #537

Our lilies are blooming now, and roses still looking good. They will fade as it gets hotter here. Gladiolas are bulbing up so they will be the next show.

![image|452x500] (upload://33aOuzmcBqIFZenGcOCQVO9oaoh.jpeg)

A fancy variety of bee balm

And a calla lily

(Jane) #538

My visit to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower garden yesterday in Austin inspired me to take photos of our own wildflowers on the property. We have 47 acres and most is left in its natural state except for mowing the walking trails. The house and meadow below the house is probably around 2-1/2 acres.

We even have a wild rose bush climbing up into one of the trees. The light was poor and it is up in the air so the pic isn’t the best. Prettier in person

(Jane) #539

And finally - pics from the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower gardens. Really enjoyed it!

These first two we have at our place but haven’t bloomed yet

Cool butterfly chairs

Tree that fell over and grew sideways

Bee on a flower

Local visitor

I love ornamental grasses

Beautiful architecture


Beautiful pictures as usual, @Janie!
Alvaro (my SO) said he wishes to eat that striking deep red/white lily :smiley: It looks like sour cherries (we have a lot now) with sour cream to him…

I was lazy, still am (hot weather arrived and it’s humid. I have problems with being fully awake like this) but here are some photos now…


It isn’t a very recent photo, they look black now :slight_smile: Sour cherries.

Some little bulbs showed their first flowers. It was a good idea to buy them last autumn, I love these:

Everything is from my own garden. I went to the forest with the camera so there will be other photos later.

(Jane) #541

One of my favorite of all the roses we have

Daylillies putting on a show for us now.

(Allie) #542


Beautiful flowers, such ones are my favorites… My roses are simply red or pink but there are some awesome embers-like roses in the street…

I brught the camera with me when I went for a little walk a few days ago…

Pine trees are sick this year, I don’t know the reason :frowning:

This is one of the earliest flowers but it is quite stubborn and the green petals are still there :slight_smile:

I absolutely must take photos about majestic grasses like these :slight_smile:

My favorite place in the wildlife park. I love the sound of the river and the scenery is beautiful.

This is near to my house, in someone else’s garden. It’s a brilliant plant, I never get enough of it… It looks even more impressive in life.

My garden…

The very last one, now it’s gone but it probably will bloom again as it did last year.

Some simple shots to show what I see when I am a few minutes from my house on the way back.