What did you take a photo of on your walk today? (feat. CHUNK) PART 2!

(Allie) #504

Old man still going strong :heart:


Anyone with araphnoprobia here…? I hope not.
I have these beauties in my terrace now. Their nest was attached to my deck chair but they moved to the table.
I had not enough light for such tiny critters floating with their threads in the wind, this camera isn’t modern enough to work well with the highest ISO but I tried. The next day with some sunshine helped a bit but they are still super tiny and quickly moving…
I try not to get carried away but these are spiders!!! :smile: I accidentally found which species. European garden spider. Their shape is already spot on but the coloring is nothing like the one of the adults!

Once I had baby praying mantises, that was even more spectacular but I am happy with my little spiders as well.

(Jane) #506

Another shot of this gorgeous peony. Has a fragrant smell also

Some “slag glass” they sell on the roadside around Mt Ida, AR. We dug for our own quartz crystals in one of the mines there years ago when we still lived in Houston.

The sun was hitting it just right and looked like it was on fire in the middle

(KCKO, KCFO) #507

I love rocks, these are beauties. I have some I should put in shallow pots and place in the garden for summer. Thanks for this idea.


Both are really pretty in their own ways… :slight_smile:
I think I just need to look at your photos to figure out what I will have soon :smiley: Everything is earlier there! My peonies are just buds at the moment.

I didn’t want to bring this macro as it’s not so beautiful, rather interesting to me but there is some humor with it. And shows that my SO thinks a tad differently now.
I asked him what is this.

He immediately answered: corona virus. :woman_facepalming: It didn’t even cross my mind as I think about 2 minutes per day about that topic.
It’s quince flower, I already put a photo here before but it’s a closer look.

(KCKO, KCFO) #509

When this popped up I thought, that looks so similar to the Covid-19 virus, but the coloring is wrong. So he isn’t the only one.

Just keep posting your lovely flowers please.

(Jane) #510

I told my husband since it was his idea and he smiled. We had them scattered around in our garfden and invariably they would get covered up with mulch or lost in the weeds (or flowers). Now they sit on the clay dishes and we can enjoy them.

(Lusta Ugorka with Barries 🍊) #511

@Shinita Cute little boys and girlies.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::spider::spider:

(Jane) #512

Yeah, our quince were beautiful this year but already gone


My last quince flowers have just wilted but I have a blooming medlar tree at the north/valley part of my property. It’s not a big place but things are still different. Blooming happens significantly earlier in the sunny hilltop part and just because my tomatoes freeze in the valley, the ones up may continue to live, it happened.

I have a lot of new flowers, I will make photos tomorrow. A lucky one (who doesn’t even live here) has some kind of orchid, a beautiful one… I forgot to make photos but they are blooming in one of the nearby forests since 1-2 weeks.

(Ashley) #514

I had to drive my niece to florida for a move. We still isolated at quite a distance but did check out the local beaches. We didn’t get more than 20-30 feet from anyone! It looks packed but it’s actually quite empty for clear water!

(Allie) #515

A token display of the thoughtless we are surrounded by, left on the path next to the lake where there is not only a bin provided, but also lots of wildlife that needs protecting. I picked this up myself.

One of the new batches of new greylag geese, two hatches together I think, looked together as a family group, and one very special pale gosling like I have never seen before… I’m excited about watching this one grow :heart:

(Allie) #516

This just caught my eye as a sign of normality while I was walking Chunk.

This little one is a regular, I give him peanuts every morning and today he sat waiting for me.

(Jane) #517

I love how the adult Moms have their babies surrounded to protect them.

Nice to see the milk delivery!

(KCKO, KCFO) #518

UGH, I hear ya on the thoughtlessness. Normally we will pick up bits of trash on our walks, but not these days. The park crew keeps the area near the water fowl cleaned up, but getting to that area it is often another story, we live 3 blocks up from the park.

Summer is coming the pelicans are back, didn’t have a phone on me when I saw them so no pic.

(Allie) #519

My first time at the big lake for weeks and I was so happy to see Micah, my special swan who I had to move there after she and her mate were attacked by the more dominant resident pair. Seems the feeling was mutual too as this beauty flew across from the far side of the lake :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(KCKO, KCFO) #520

:heart::heart::heart::heart: SWANS :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

('Jackie P') #521

@Shortstuff, Allie you must have enough heartwarming stories to write a book :heart_eyes:

('Jackie P') #522

I had a glorious walk with my mate Rose! We went to Cissbury ring on the South Downs.

Quite a climb,

To my favourite tree,

To the very top and then down again!
We saw some horses

And very bravely, we thought :grimacing:, walked through a field of cows!

Ladies that lunch has turned into ladies who walk! :sunglasses:

(Jane) #523