What did you take a photo of on your walk today? (feat. CHUNK) PART 2!

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Oh, I have a neighborhood near me that has these trees, haven’t gone that far a field. I really smiled when these popped up. I have missed them and they aren’t around long. They are so beautiful. Thanks for giving me a chance to see some this Spring. :heart:

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This morning with Chunk.

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Is that an old church or castle top behind those trees? Looks interesting.

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It’s a church, still used, extremely old.


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Had a wonderful walk on the South Downs today. Round the golf course which of course is closed!
I met a friend … accidentally :no_mouth:. Social distancing was observed at all times :slightly_smiling_face:

Did me the world of good!

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Clematis up against my house and an Iris down in the meadow by the vegetable garden

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Lovely stroll out in the sun, birds chirping, fresh air, everything La-Di-Da, then I come home to this.:crazy_face:. The neighbour got arrested yet again. What a lovely way to end a walk.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh my aunt had such purple flowers… Maybe she still have them, I always visit in late autumn lately, we live so far away…

I love irises very much and now I have them too! Photos will come later but I have other ones. I finally got out the super tiny sd card from the phone (now I can’t get it out of the computer so I have no phone but who cares? I forgot to ask my SO with bigger nails to get it out somehow. I so hate these super tiny cards, very unpractical. though I must have an adapter somehow, it makes a normal sd card out of the tiny one).

So… Sorry it’s offtopic as these are almost a month old ones… Forest :sob: My beloved one, it got closed soon after and it’s still closed despite almost all restrictions are lifted in my country… I hope it will open soon.

The nearby pond from the forest. The pond never was closed and last time I saw a crowd there (compared to the few people fishing as normal), camping, fishing, boating… It wasn’t even before the restrictions got lifted but well, we never had a quarantine. It was merely surpising to have so many people at once. I missed my camera then, I want to show that part too.

And what I wanted to show since long. My little smartphone (no way to control the focus, it seems) vs a Canon 20D (if I remember correctly, me and numbers…) with my favorite 100mm macro lens (it can’t focus well so I use manual focus but that’s fine):

Oh that blurring :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Even the colors are different (well the proper camera didn’t burn the photo)…

Other primrose photos. They are supposed to be still blooming there but we didn’t find any last time. Maybe later? They always bloom for a month or something, we catched the earliest ones before but the late ones are supposed to be there… But I talk too much, sorry. It’s another forest, it’s not closed.


It seems a simple flower but I so love them :smiley:

So that’s about old photos.

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Peony and iris from my garden

Afraid to use a glass vase until Ella stops chasing Katy and she runs like mad knocking things over.

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Your iris are beautiful. Ours won’t come in bloom til around Memorial Day. They got a bit of frost damage so their leaves are a little sad looking, but they are shooting up the blossom stems.

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Another wonderful walk on the Downs over the golf course!

What a wonderful place the golf course is without the golfers :smiley:
Then I had a lovely front garden chat with some friends! Smashing day!

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Thank-you! Our Dogwood trees barely bloomed because of a late frost. Last year they were spectacular. The year before just so-so from lack of rain. Every year is different.

Another peony


Pretty, inviting places, I feel like to be there :smiley: But I can’t complain and I will go to some nice walk with my camera soon to show where I usually walk… The wildlife park is open now, yay! That’s the best place around here.

But I have so many photos left… Only a few days old ones, fortunately.
Now just my irises. I only have this color but they are nice too (some similar colored but way smaller ones should bloom later. and I planted some other small ones so we will see! I like irises):

Part of the same photo (the original one, I always upload small ones here):

And I just can’t resist when I have the macro lens in my hand… :flushed:

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Love your flower pictures! I just use my cell phone since easy to upload.

My husband has a nice rig and he goes out every morning to take pictures of our flowers. Every day he finds something new blooming.


To me, the phone is the problem as I need to get out the tiny micro SD card. Now I have an adapter but still, using the camera and its CF cards is way easier if I am in the garden. Lugging the camera with its potentially huge macro lens with me, I rarely do that! Once we went to bird-watching. The nearby pond attracts lots of ducks and other waterfowls and there are many species there in late winter. We need the biggest zoom we can have and that’s, the 300mm lens. It’s like a rocket, very heavy and huge :slight_smile: We need an extremely good reason to bring that with us anywhere. We have a smaller camera somewhere and that could make raw pictures too, not only jpegs, thanks to some russian program or something… But I am in love with the macro lens so I keep using the Canon whenever I can! :smiley:

I don’t find new flowers every day (and I so not have your wonderful collection of irises… I enjoy your pictures, I always loved flowers with multiple colors at the same time and variety too! I might have some other irises, I am not sure but what I remember and have are all purple. it’s not bad, I love purple ones and can’t have everything) but SOMETHING is always happening in my garden during late spring! I have very many fruits and several decorative plants. Flower wise, I have but a few now. 1-2 weeks later I will have million flowers (surely many thousands), the same type, they always come and I don’t want to cut them down in masses and I don’t mow the lawn for weeks and it becomes quite wild… I probably won’t be such a bleeding heart this year but we will see.

More flowers:

Some tiny flower (the flower itself, it’s pretty tall compared to it) in the grass because I need to make a shot of every little thing :smiley:

We mostly have these now as the previous ones aren’t long lasting. I don’t even know its name and it has yellow ones too, at least last year we had them, now all of them is purple this far. It’s an experimental photo made from two. It’s visible that the flower has some blur in the closest part of its center. It’s sharp both farther and closer. But it’s still better than the originals and I don’t aim perfection (compared to my case, skills and equipment. I could do better if I took a lot of photos) and it’s not even so obvious to the first glance :slight_smile:

I don’t know if these photos are interesting for others, I am very biased as I LOVE my fruits with a passion, I keep bying new trees when I have some place and it’s just the trees, I have way more fruits than the ones growing on trees… And I love what my macro lens does with things anyway.

Greengage. The strong little (not so little anymore I guess) few years old tree that just happened there. The placement was good enough so we kept it. It’s strong and resilient, just what I like in a tree… And the fruit is nice using the right way and not raw.

One of our overachiever pear trees… It’s full with little pears absolutely everywhere now.

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This has to be the prettiest thread in the forums.

Thanks to all who are sharing the lovely photos.


It’s a pretty and peaceful thread indeed… We people need these things :wink:
And I can thank this very thread that I grabbed my (SO’s) camera again. I didn’t do it for the food pics and I am not good with those anyway. I am way more motivated and I find it easier and more rewarding to make photos about Nature. It feels really good to play with the camera using my rusty baby skills! I am sure I will get better but with my beautiful models and a beloved macro lens I already make photos I am kind of pleased with as a little hobby photographer! (I don’t say anything bad about my critic skills as they are WAY better. It’s the same when I draw. My first years were hard.)

Some very late narcissus, my favorite kind… They are so elegant!

Some onion. No idea about its species, I keep them as decorative things. I tried to make a good photo of a bloomed flower but something was always blurry, I probably will need a bigger depth of field. Oh well, they will be there for a very long time.

This is the purple flower from my previous comment when it was younger.

Quince flower:

Even already wilting tulips can be pretty… This one aged well, it just made it very interestingly shaped…

And some went even farther. There is a tulip in my garden that loves to be a model. It refused to stop its carrier when it started to wilt and then became all dry and rigid… It is still doing its best to keep itself in top shape and who am I to tell it no…?

I need to redo the last one, it’s a tricky one, I had not much light and I need a bigger depth of field as well… Let’s hope this night won’t harm it yet so I make photos tomorrow. This flower is practically frozen in time, the last two photos was made at least a few days apart. So it deserves some extra effort!