What did you take a photo of on your walk today? (feat. CHUNK) PART 2!

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Hey, we are all enjoying your lovely garden and the effort you took to make it so pretty. You are not alone when you are a 'netizen.

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One of our Japanese maples. I wish I had taken photos as it leafed out this spring. It went from red to copper to gold while all the other trees were still bare.

The dogwoods are just starting to bloom and bud up(later varieties). Once they finish blooming the “canopy” as we call it fills in.

In the winter I can see all the way to the top of the hill because the trees are bare. Once the deciduous trees leaf out… the sunlight is blocked, the view of the hill is blocked, everything closes in and gets dark. The cycle of nature. I love it!


Someone obviously doesn’t want anyone touching their fresh coconut water!! That tree must be over 35 feet.
Second photo is an ornamental tree called a Silk Floss Tree that bears beautiful pink blossoms come June… Notice the thorns on the branches and trunk?


I really need to take some photos myself… It was so long ago and spring is here too. Maybe next time, I spotted a very pretty crocus today! What it is doing now when the others are in the distant past, I don’t know :smiley: The first tulips arrived too!

How great daffodils, I didn’t even know they can have reverse colors… I am always a tad envious about the ones with pink inner part too as I don’t have such ones and I am a bit of a hoarder if it’s about my garden (mostly regarding fruit but I have this with some flowers too).

That rooster is extremely fetching, gorgeous colors! It’s interesting to read about the diet of hens too, I only liked to watch them, never owned any even though they could provide the majority of my food if they were numerous enough… I always eat eggs.

Pansies are one of my favorite flowers. I only have one this year, my favorite white/light purple/dark purple. I really need to make some photos today, I am just not sure they will be good enough… I have standards and laziness and very rusty and tiny skills. And my SO has a pretty good camera, old but it was half-professional and quite expensive back then.
It’s a pity most of my relatives don’t use the Internet but I can show them my future flower photos when I visit them again… Normally I bring some of the flowers themselves, this is the time when I have the prettiest flowers… Well, the very first, half-bloomed daffodil made the journey, at least. It’s something.

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Another beautiful shrub my husband planted on the path down to our meadow


Finally, I grabbed the camera, asked my SO how to use it as I didn’t remember and made several shots and some of them turned out okay.
One of my last daffodils…

I have tulips now. And other flowers.



It seems snails like pansies too… At least I guess it was a snail. Or more. Snail party!

I don’t know if anyone is interested about future fruits but I have such ones too :smiley:
Tiny but very flavorful strawberry and redcurrant.

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@Shinita That is BEAUTIFUL!!! Holy pineapples!!! Your flowers are gorgeous. That pansie just melts my heart. Your a great photographer. These could be in a damn magazine. I’m not just saying that either. It’s true. :heart_eyes::hibiscus::wilted_flower::rose::tulip::sunflower::blossom::heart::heart:

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I am rusty and never was even a hobby photographer, that was my SO. The flowers are pretty and I used a pretty okay equipment for a hobby photographer (15 years ago. it was a half-professional camera and I used a macro lens, that makes everything close and pretty :D).
I have some basic sense about what looks good, to some extent but I had a huge help :smiley: I love this lens and I love macro photography… I love small details… I tried to take extremely close photos as this lens allows that but they didn’t turn out good, most of the photo was blurry and that’s obvious considering the focus was on a small part but still. I guess that takes some other skills, I am sure I can (re?)learn. I don’t even remember what kind of photos I took 10-20 years ago apart from sceneries (possibly with my motorbike and definitely without any people, I don’t even get why people want to be on a photo when they are on holiday, well, each to their own. Once we was with a group. Everyone stood in front of a cute old stone castle or something and most people took a photo. We waited until they were finished and took a photo of the majestic old stone castle without people as they just ruined the picture in our eyes. We almost never even took a photo of each other, we didn’t see the point and we don’t like to be photographed anyway).

I will bring some more photo later but the main attraction is the tulips now and I don’t have a big variety of them. But worse, they will be over soon, I so would like some tulips that bloom later.

I have a cat photo (she is called Tofu and she is the only one we actually wanted, the others are just around here and we feed them. we behave the same with them as with Tofu and the mother cat won’t ever will be mother again and that was some trouble with a free outside cat so our commitment is bigger with the girls) but it was taken ages ago and inside. Oh well, no one will feel I violated a rule and it’s a problem, right? I didn’t find a topic where I can put a cat photo and it will be a single occurence. My SO took the photo, I like it very much.
She was already an adult, not the adorable kitten she was when my SO brought her home as some interesting Christmas gift… We already had almost too many cats but all were brown tabbies so I was happy to get this silly, tsundere calico:

The innocent look means nothing at all. She’s a tiny nightmare. We have the right personality to find it amusing but she is. She means well, I am sure but she behaves odd, not like our other cats. Very tsundere and goofy. Now I try not to let her in as her fur is everywhere now. The others lose fur too as the weather gets warmer but this one magically transfer her hairs everywhere in no time while I let in some air (and 3-4 cats every time. what is so exciting in this house? the outside world is so nice and inviting now!).

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@Shinita I may look all innocent but I’m a tiny nightmare too, All 5ft1 of me. :scream::smiling_imp::metal::wink:. Awwwww shes cute as hell. I LOVE the tiger too. I had a big tiger called " Maximus". I miss having a cat. I love how sometimes ( well mine anyway) would rather starve than eat something they don’t wanna. Sort of sounds like me. I think I may have a little inner Feline!!! :wink::cat::cat:. I’m a scratcher too…Kidding!!..kind of. I did used to scratch my brothers face when he was being a punk. He deserved it. :flushed:. I love your photos. I agree with the no self photos on vacation thing. I would always duck out of the shot. And if somebody took a photo when I was unaware, boy I would be pissed!!! :triumph::triumph::triumph:. Great pics babe. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@Shinita This was Maximus getting to know his alter ego.:tiger::tiger2::wink::joy:


looking behind me, you can see a large stalk of bananas with a purple flower… and then there’s the beautiful bougainvillea and then there’s me! Warm sunny bicycle ride.


There are so many different varietals of palm trees…
And when they lose their fronds, they have beautiful markings on their trunks… here are just a few in my neighborhood.


Wow, exotic photos! At least for me, in the middle of Europe…
I made a bunch of photos again, I am not pleased, next time I make multiple shots every time, I might see the focus is right but wind and whatnot happens… But I still can show what is in my garden even if they aren’t all good.

More tulips…

A little weird one… I like its pattern but I don’t know why it turned out like this.

Groups of them…

The bees (and possible wasps) like the place made for them. It’s a thing in my country. I’ve read sometimes spiders move in, sometimes ants… But it’s mostly for some larva.

I leave the rest for next time.

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Hostas doing well this year. The one in the pot is called Mouse Ear and us very small. Don’t know if that is a weed or a flower growing in the pot with it We’ll give it some time to find out

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And azaleas starting to bloom also

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Looking out from our front porch. We didn’t get a drop of rain from this, but sure looked like we were.


Beautiful trees!
I don’t know if you badly need rain, we totally do here. I sowed some green peas left from last year (it doesn’t worth it but I don’t trow out proper seeds even if it’s work and I gain very little) and the soil was very dry and hard… We had a tiny rain when we went for some cycling, we half-soaked and that was it. All the fields in the country need rain…

Some photos, I make too many and don’t do anything with them for days… I am sure these ones are new, especially the ones I made just now…

I am so not over the tulips yet but now I brought only these:
“Who” is the prettiest little tulip?

Yes, you are! :heart:

I love tiny flowers (as well).

And thujas, of course. I had focus problems last time but I tried again. I show both. Oh I used the 28mm lens today instead of the 100mm. I don’t even know what I would do with the 300mm one, it’s mostly for birds and the like when going closer isn’t an option. It takes a lot (early spring duck gathering, at least) to bring that for a walk, it’s quite massive and it costed a small fortune back then…
So I play with things to figure out what works best. I still adore blurred backgrounds as they are perfect for what I usually want.

There will be pines, it’s just a tiny part and I couldn’t made it in focus, wind, me, little branch… I am not committed enough to try longer. The fabulous colors are there: