Watch this video on artificial sweeteners

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Rob, this might surprise you, but I think that was a very good post, with lots of truths. Bias is certainly a thing.
Of course, I still consider artificial sweeteners to be on the “secondary” list, when it comes to the Keto WOE".

If a person is doing “the big, obvious stuff” and it’s working great… Then great ! Carry on. If they are stalled with weight loss… or maybe they don’t even want / need to lose any weight, but… maybe having some digestion or energy issues, etc, then sure, it doesn’t hurt to look at other smaller things down the list.

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Not to mention a hypthesis with some predictive power, and some data to confirm those predictions.

This is where much medical research breaks down. I was just watching a lecture by Thomas Seyfried, in which he was pointing out all the points where the genetic hypothesis of cancer formation breaks down (and it does so at so many points that you wonder why they don’t just change hypotheses).

Similar points can be made about the lipid hypothesis of cardiovascular disease. Too bad no one ever actually listens to these discussions. . . . (heavy sigh)

But you are right about the gut biome; it’s far to early too asses how relevant it is to human health.

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@FishChris and @Ilana_Rose

This is an article that we might all find interesting as well =):

Dr.Jason Fung is also a Canadian Doctor; I wonder if he has made any comments about artificial sweeteners. All I could find was him saying it “may stimulate insulin release” (

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Jason Fung hates artificial sweeteners.

“Am I saying that consuming entirely artificial chemicals of unknown toxicity into our bodies because they happen to be sweet is a really, really bad idea? This question kind of answers itself……”

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It is great that you have that quote, I was looking and didn’t see a direct comment except what I had posted. Thanks for finding that @Ilana_Rose :smile:

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Okay. Read the whole thing. And here’s my conclusion; even the studies that showed a “slightly” increased risk of diabetes, obesity, strokes, or whatever, should be waaay more than offset, by eating strictly Keto in the first place.

Long story short, I feel like I’m going to be much healthier eating keto along with artificial sweeteners, vs. eating all kinds of sugar and other carbage, plus excess calories, that I did for the last 5 years, and for the 25+ years from say highschool, to age 45.

Also, personally speaking, I need to enjoy the heck out of my food, to do this WOE the rest of my life, with zero cheats ever, as I plan to.

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A lot of the experts tend to agree with Dr. Fung but also side with Chris. If you need a crutch to stay in keto, then use the crutch. Is doing without a crutch better? Of course, but when you need it, a crutch is a good thing.

But we have to know ourselves. If I can tolerate a sweet taste without developing sugar cravings, that’s one thing, but if I get cravings, perhaps I’d be better off learning to live without sweetness in my life. In my own particular case, I am fortunate that my taste has changed enough to make many formerly too-bitter tastes rather palatable (unsweetened chocolate falls into that category, luckily for me). My most recent batch of yoghurt, however, is too bitter to really be enjoyable without a tad of stevia to lighten it a bit. (Fortunately, it doesn’t take much, so I didn’t have to discard the batch.)

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Thank you Paul. It’s weird… I still “really” like sweet stuff… My coffee with Sucralose is amazing… My GF’s far bombs ! (Last couple with maple flavoring ! OMG! SO good !)
But yet if you were to ask me, what’s the best thing you have eaten in the last week, it would be that Sous Vide’d Tri Tip that we had yesterday ! That is what I’m craving ! To me, throwing in something sweet and creamy here and there, makes the stuff that is meaty / salty / savory, just taste that much better.