Trick or "Treat"?

(KCKO, KCFO) #21

The last time we handed out treats, we had ordered glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces from Amazon. Very cheap and lots of them in the container. Most of the kids in our neighborhood have outgrown trick or treating so last year, we kept the lights off. I saw one van go by filled with teens who were doing it. We had stopped the candy stuff years ago.

When i was a child, last century we would get homemade fudge, apples, popcorn balls, no commercial made candies. That was great. Todays cheapy candies not so much, that is why we stopped giving it out.


I’d absolutely eat all of those! Toffee, Candy, chocolate shell them, you melt candy on an apple, and I’m eating them all!

(Alec) #23

The Australian retailers and junk food industries really push Halloween in Australia, for purely profit motives. Some Aussies get involved for the fun, but in my experience most of us ignore it.


Please, someone launch this into the Oxen October Keto thread for me, the bot won’t allow me because ‘I have posted too much.’ BS.

Update…It’s OK, I figured out how to beat it, thanks.


Peeps, I’m all neeps!

I’ve been so busy with new starts in work prep etc., I’m turnip mad at present (because it takes 3 minutes in microwave lol, and a dollop of butter).

Some recent abominations (i’m too tired):

Smoked back bacon rashers with buttered turnip. OMG yum!

Peppered porked chops with buttered turnip (neeps!).

Could be Chinese peppered chops, baked, and served with ‘neeps’ again.

And here is Carly going to Doggy Day Care :grinning:

(Bob M) #25

Impressive, getting Carly in dog shoes. And an outdoor daycare is nice. The ones around here are indoor.

(Robin) #26

Coop, I have seen videos of doggie daycare buses going round to dog’s homes to pick them up for “school”. The dogs wait outside and come running to climb on the bus… they nose greet all their friends on the bus, then choose a seat and are “buckled” in.
I want that job.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #27

Wha’, laddie, no tatties?

Och, that’s richt, nae tatties on keto!

(Rossi Luo) #28

What about chocolate with zero sugar? I’m from a place without the Halloween tradition, but I found my 3 years kids also like the taste of pure chocolate with no sugar

(Edith) #29

How about stickers or fun non permanent tattoos?

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #30

OOOo great idea. Here’s one



It has an indoor part too, for when the weather is bad.


Sounds like the perfect unstressful job!


Och aye, the noo, ya wee radge!

(Bob M) #34

Those are great videos. There’s one from Alaska, where all the dogs individually run out to the bus, get on it, and get on their seat. I don’t know how there’s no playing on the bus. They must treat like crazy for a while to train that.

This is one of them:

(Robin) #35

Yes! That’s the group I watch!
How cool that they provide training too!


Carly and I wanna go.

The house is up for sale and I just told my boss to shove it!

Bye bye stress.


(Robin) #37

You could sit in the “licky puppy” area, but I have already reserved my spot there.

You and Carly can both wear fancy shoes and be trend setters.


Trend settlers. x