These continuous ketone monitors are going to change how we think about ketones

(Mark Rhodes) #21

@ctviggen My blood sugars dropped to 38mg/dl during an extended fast. I felt fine and thought well to bump them up I will go work out. They came back to 56 mg/dl an then evened out at 60.

Funny thing is as my ketones leveled out my sugars have too. They stay higher. Sometimes I can hit a 5.9 A1C but witha fasting insulin of 2.1 uIU/ml so I hav eno concerns. Lots of red meat, lots of lifting. I think Bikman is correct when he says hemoglobin stays alive longer in people who eat plenty of red meat and as such would skew the A1C meaning

(Doug) #22

Mon, if you’re feeling okay, I think below 3 is great. :slightly_smiling_face: People are different - some start feeling faint/bad at 3.9/70, or 2.8/50, but some don’t notice any ill effects at even far lower levels.

There’s the famous case of Angus Barbieri, he of the 382 day fast. One day, checking in at the hospital that was monitoring him, his blood sugar was 0.9 mmol/L or 17 mg/dL. He’d been walking around the city, going about his daily activities, and felt fine. :open_mouth:

That’s obviously extremely low, but it shows what is possible. I figure he was running on ketones to just about the maximum possible extent, and didn’t need all that much sugar in his blood.

I fasted for 5 days once, and was disappointed with a blood sugar of 5/90. Curses on insulin resistance… :rage::wink:


Thank you for your reply. I decided to have some foods. Started with home made chicken broth. I will see how I feel. Never been this low. But I do appreciate that the monitors and not very accurate.

(Bob M) #24

I didn’t know he said that, though I can believe it. Especially since red meat has a lot of available iron and there’s likely a relationship between red blood cells and iron.

By the way, your fasting insulin is impressively low. Mine still is >10 most days. Don’t get it measured often enough though.