The OldDoughouse

(Doug) #121

My brother, remodeling the kitchen in their old farmhouse, tearing out old cabinets, saw this:

29th of January, 1960. A different world. Our parents were barely a third as old as we are now. He was born October 25, 1960, so 270 days later. He could have been conceived that very day.

(Doug) #122

A salad, and let’s burn up the daily carbohydrate allowance in one go.

(Bob M) #123

I’m not sure what that is on the left, but it looks good to me.

(Doug) #124

Bob, a Bloody Mary with celery, green beans, olives, pickled peppers, pickled okra, pickled green tomato and a caperberry.

(Doug) #125

Asparagus beds.