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(Doug) #41

John, I like those two as well. The more ‘magic’ we see in #1, the less we’d need the others, i.e. if I could be the supreme medical researcher and eliminate mortality for pets, then 6 is out.

There were a lot of different picks on a Facebook discussion, Paul. 6 for pet owners/lovers is a big one - though many people mentioned that it would need to not only be that the pet would live longer, period, but that they’d have to be healthy/like they were when “they were young.” 9 would indeed be nice, and 1 could negate some of the others or strongly affect them. I wonder what we would all do with #2. :smile:

Omar, I ended up taking 1, 6 and 9. I was hesitant with 1 - the learning and “doing” part of gaining a skill is a big part of life, and I wonder about the difference if we are just granted skills.

Yes - a Monkey’s Paw scenario could wreck things. I take it that the consequences of each would be benign, i.e. pets would live longer, not us dying sooner, and that #1 would be somewhat limited, i.e. not much ‘magic’ in it.

(Bacon enough and time) #42

And your point is?

At least we’d arrive at the Bridge together. I can’t wait to see all my pets who have gone before.

(Troy) #43


Keep going to 8
Still is intriguing for some reason
I am just “ forgetting “ why
Memory issue already🤣

Then 9, pay myself off for the above quandary


just here to add a few more :heart::heart::heart: 's to this comment

(Doug) #45

Troy, from what I’ve seen, 4, 7, and 8 are the least frequently-chosen. With 8, I think, “Whoa - something happened.”


number 2. eat with no consequence
and 7. become famous HAH

  • i can master new skills, and the process of learning is part of the pleasure, imo.
  • my addiction is food, which would be a super pleasure for me if i could eat with no consequence.
  • i wouldn’t be able to choose just one bodypart, so would be left wanting if i chose this pill.
  • i don’t want to think about death :sleepy:
  • my memories educate me
  • if i’m famous i’ll find a way to make $500 a day muahaha


(Doug) #47

Yeah, I think of that too, Jane. It would change us to just be granted skills, instantly.

Here too I wonder - would it be as satisfying if there were no bad consequences from it? :smile: Maybe it would…

(Troy) #48

Now I’m scared😬
Wow. Very interesting…hum
Nah…I’m very blessed and thankful!

Maybe I was just caught up IN the movie “ Total Recall “ w Arnold
Memory Games




(Doug) #50

So 2 needs 1, 7, or 9 to pay for all the food, then. :wink:


it’s all part of the plan.

(Running from stupidity) #52

#1 Depending on the skills, I guess. But three is usually only a starting point, which is good, but not the end of the line.

#9 Diminishing returns, but knowing that means it’s possible to be smart with it now to keep delivering in the future.

#5/#4 - #5 if I haven’t already met my wife, because I’d like to meet her if that’s not the case. If I HAVE already met her, then #4, if that bodypart is my head/brain. Happy to trade that in.

(Omar) #53

number 5 is masked by greed and selfishness.

little greed and selfishness is required but too much will prevent us from seeing so many beauty in other people who can be not only matches but partners and friends.

that is why I do not chose 5 because I feel I know how to cure my self from being greedy and selfish

(Doug) #54

Sometimes, yes, Omar. I think we not only have to be able to really know another person, but know ourselves very well, too. This is not always easy, and in the U.S. about half of marriages end in divorce or permanent separation. I waited until I was 41 years old before getting married, and I’m very glad I did.

“Soulmate” - this is a fanciful, romantic notion. Some people will be very compatible with us, or be similar in the right ways, but not in all ways. My wife and I are really good together, so I would not pick #5, but at the most I would say we are only “soulmates” in 1 or 2 ways out of a great many.

How many people do we meet in a lifetime? 15,000? 30,000 maybe? If we work hard at it, if we try and select from others who are like us, and if we spend LOTS of time at it, then maybe 60,000 people. And there are 7,550,000,000+ people on earth. So, even if we meet 60,000, for every one of those there will be 1265 we don’t meet, and really - how many people do we meet and think that maybe they are “the one for us”? 5? 10? 20?

And before we would be halfway through our search of 60,000 people, another 2,250,000,000 would be born. :smile:

:slightly_smiling_face: I agree. Much of marriage is about being friends.

I do think there has to be something really right between the people, though. Yes, we can work at a marriage or relationship, but there has to be a basic rightness there or else I think no amount of work can make up for it.

(John) #55

I didn’t choose #5, because I’ve been married for 30 years, so if I took the pill to meet my soulmate, my wife would probably shoot her when she showed up. :frowning:


I’ll take 1, 8 & 9 thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

7 would be my worst nightmare :scream:

(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #57

1, 6, and 9 (but 6 only if my pet will be healthy for as long as it lives too :blush:)


Thanks Doug. Very kind of you to offer this

In no particular order:

#9 $500 a day for life

#6 pet lives as long as me

#4 change 1 body part

And when should I expect delivery : - )

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #59

I choose 2-eat without consequences and 9-the money. Question: if I also choose 3-no addiction, does that mean I can occasionally enjoy some drugs again? :neutral_face:

(Bacon enough and time) #60

If I could drink without consequences, I’d be drunk all the time, lol! :wine_glass: