The Not-Keto Flu?

(karen) #1

I think I’ve picked up a stomach bug, things coming out of one end or the other all afternoon. :nauseated_face::face_vomiting::poop:

This is really rare for me, like maybe every 10 years? I’m realizing that in the past the things that would stay down and be ok were all carbs. Plain italian bread, no butter. Ginger ale. Ice cream. It seemed to be the actual sugar/carbohydrate that made my stomach calm down, not just the perception of sweetness. I tried to sip diet sprite with a bit of extra lemon because my stomach seems very bitter, but it’s not making me feel good by any means. Took half a bite of a keto roll hamburger, that was definitely a no-go as well.

Anyone have keto foods they eat that help with nausea? Or should I just embrace the idea of an unplanned EF and go to bed?

(So much bacon . . . so little time . . .) #2

It is likely to be food poisoning causing this. Vomiting is not part of influenza. A nurse practitioner friend of mine says that she sees a lot more cases of infection with Salmonella and E. coli than she likes. If it doesn’t clear up tomorrow, see your doctor.

(Regina) #3

Or norovirus. It’s going around in so cal.

(karen) #4

Tried a couple of spoons of halo top (low carb ice cream). Oh gaak. Not just because I’m nauseous but it tasted so fake and so horribly sweet, how do people eat this? Think falling asleep is my best bet at this point. Norovirus … gotta go look that up. Am I gonna die? (Certainly felt like it this afternoon. Toilet and a bucket at the same time, with instant splitting headache and tears, that’s a first.)

(Regina) #5

Norovirus is one virus that causes stomach flu. Hopefully you are exhausted enough to get a good nights sleep. Please update us in the morning. I think you’ll be feeling better!

(karen) #6

Thanks. I’ll probably never know but it sure sounds like norovirus. I think I may be over the worst of it, just feeling hungry but all my normal foods bring on nausea. sleeeeeeepppp …

(Regina) #7

Sweet dreams!! And you may wake up hungry tomorrow but don’t over do it!

(Maria W) #8

With naseau I’d probably want no food. If you want something comforting… Maybe bone broth for?

(karen) #9

I want the squishy insides of italian bread. :cry:

(Ellen) #10

Hope you feel better soon, sleep & EF are probably your best options right now.

(karen) #11

Better today. Not quite right, but definitely better. Without italian bread!

Thanks to everyone for the good wishes.

(Regina) #12

Glad you’re feeling better!

(So much bacon . . . so little time . . .) #13

When we were kids, Mom used to give us saltines and ginger ale or grape juice. She always said it might not settle our stomach, but at least it wouldn’t taste too bad on the way back out lol!

(karen) #14

Lol. Yeah, that was my issue yesterday - I really wanted something that would hopefully be both pleasant and soothing, at least in my imagination, and I realized nothing keto that I could think of fit the bill.

(Roxanne) #15

Glad you are feeling better…I’ve been going on 3 days now and while I feeling somewhat better today and am hungry, keto foods are a complete turn off and my stomach just gurgles when I eat the littlest bit. I’m craving lightly buttered toast with cinnamon sugar, or saltines. Sliced cucumber seems to be OK, otherwise bone broth (glad I had some in the freezer!) or peppermint tea.

(karen) #16

Glad you’re on the mend! I came to the conclusion that there was really nothing ‘absorbent’ in a keto diet that would help soothe my nausea, that absorbency is basically a function of “fluffy” carbs like saltines. Everything keto, even things like almond flour crackers, just breaks apart and sits there. I reminded myself to KCKO, but it was a miserable couple of days.

(Hermie) #17

I had this same condition last year, pre-Keto, only one day, but really nasty. In my case, I was sure it was food poisoning, because no one else in my party became ill, thankfully. Definitely not Keto flu!