The growing evidence on vitamin D and Covid | The Spectator

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Now the news is full of T cells and possible links and treatment options, and yet research of 10 years earlier shows a clear link,
Am I just being thick?:worried:

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The Scandinavians also eat a lot of fish, which is high in vitamin D

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Vitamin D could help explain something going on near me. There is a lot of labor-intensive farming where I live and a very high number of farm workers. It is an extremely high COL area. Their kids go to the school where I work, so I do know something of how they live and how they’re doing now. Many live crammed in houses and apartments with entire families living in one or two rooms. Schools are closed and the parents have to work (there is no stimulus money or eviction protection when you are undocumented and afraid of being reported), so kids are going to babysitters with a bunch of other kids, while their parents go off to work in a van with 15 other adults.

My point is these are prime conditions for rapid spread, but we aren’t seeing it. We have one family that has been ill and diagnosed. We really should have closer to big city numbers given the living conditions, but we don’t. One thing these folks are not in short supply of is sun exposure. Maybe it is vitamin D.

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Wow that is interesting!

This really isn’t new knowledge!

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More evidence linking Vitamin D to reduced infection and outcome:

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The latest conversation between these two 26/05/2020 was the most interesting in terms of what sunlight can do. But yes, Dr. John Campbell has been pushing Vitamin D for months. He says that the first ten doctors who died of COVID-19 (in the UK) were people of color, so you can’t blame socio-economics. The darker your skin, the longer it takes to produce the necessary amount of Vitamin D. Stay in the sun for half as long as it takes you to burn, is the recommended level of sunlight from these two!
Studies have shown that good levels of Vitamin D are necessary to a well-functioning immune system.
So I’m supplementing and getting outside when the sun is shining.

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Rhonda Patrick has alot of interesting stuff to say about d. the latest podcast with her on the Rogan show is a good listen. I have been using the 2000 now brand vit d for about 3 years. i had lower levels and after using that they are up to where i want them. weather or not its doing anything. Well who knows really but i can tell you that winters dont seem to make me as bummed out as they use to. In fact early last winter I seemed kinda blah for a couple months then realized i hadent been taking it. After a week of going back on it I felt more normal. I usually am take less of it in the summer as I get way more sun but while this virus is going around I will keep it up.

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