Stupid scale! Need advice, stupid rant


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First it is great you have lost so much weight, congrats on a job well done. At 6’ you are a normal weight for your height. Now it is time to address a healthy attitude towards exercising.

This podcast from Keto Woman, might be helpful information for you. Exercise bulima is a thing, and there is a genetic reason for it. It doesn’t just happen to women either. Maybe give it a good listen.

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@lfod14 please watch your tone. It’s as important as your message. Clearly you are upsetting people with your delivery. The last thing we want to do is remove a member that offers good info.

Play nice people.

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Thanks everyone for the advice no worries I’m happy if people can disagree and I am one of seven youngest of the brothers and family there isn’t an insult anyone could say to me that would discourage me.

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I’m 6ft, 140lbs. Didn’t happen overnight and I don’t restrict. I’m one of those unicorns people talk about. If you stop worrying so much and just realize the other benefits, you might slowly start losing a few more lbs. Although, your current weight is probably considered “more healthy” than mine.

And how’d I miss this thread? Such craziness. Kitty got claws.