Stupid scale! Need advice, stupid rant


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Not critiquing at all, simply a reminder of your position on another thread.
I would not presume to tell you what or how to post as it is your right to do as you choose and I will respect that.
I also will choose to end my participation in this discussion as you seem to be in a defensive mood and don’t feel like entertaining it.
Have a good 4th.

(TJ Borden) #50

See, that’s why you’d make s good sherif

(LeeAnn Brooks) #51

I have to say I too found the post to be quite abrasive. I chose to ignore it initially, but it certainly goes to what I was talking about on the other thread - making new people feel unwelcomed.

However when we get to the point of name calling, it’s crossed a line. We can disagree without calling people “crazy.”

Maybe I’m too new here and this has always gone on, or maybe I missed it before. But it’s starting to feel like a negative place to me.

I had a big problem with highlighting an individuals post and creating an entire group discussion around whether or not that person was a troll (similar to the toothpaste discussion that I myself contributed to before I read the actual comments and saw no malice in them).
I can only imagine how either of those individuals would feel if they stumbled across a groups discussion bashing them or questioning their sincerity. And I have a similar discomfort when people start slinging insults at others.

I thought this was a different type of place than Facebook, but I’m beginning to wonder if it’s the right place for me.

Maybe this is laying on a guilt trip.
Sorry about that, but it’s really building up for me.

(TJ Borden) #52

@mtncntrykid, I think @Anniegirl9 is going to give you a run for the money in the sheriffs job

(LeeAnn Brooks) #53

I’m sorry, I don’t mean to give guilt trips. I appreciate how you always add humor, especially when things get tense.

But I’m a bit more of a heart on the sleeve type person and I needed to be honest.

Maybe we should all just have a round of bacon and everything will become peaceful rainbows and unicorns. :bacon::bacon:. Crispy of course.:wink:

(TJ Borden) #54

Ya had me until crispy. You’re right that I do try to add levity to situations. But you’re just plain WRONG on the bacon issue.

I would say I might have to vote for @mtncntrykid for sheriff instead if you, but as I recall, he’s a crispy bacon nut too.

Nothing wrong with honesty and saying what you feel. Like I’ve said before; this is a forum, not a choir. We don’t all have to agree on every point (except the bacon issue), if it weren’t for challenging ideas and beliefs, none of us would be here.


meat should be cooked at lowest temp for shortest length of time, so not in the crispy crowd

(TJ Borden) #56

Can I have an AMEN???

(Beth) #57

@Crabrangoons - So… back to the topic:
My fiancé is your same height, same weight, about the same macros, with the same goals: had a bit of fat around the waist he wanted to lose. He had not been keto for long either.

He got some good (and expensive) advice from a keto dietician who works with pro athletes (NFL football players). Here’s what worked:
Do IF, lift fasted, then eat right after lifting for maximum fuel uptake when muscles are primed.

IF is eating in a limited time window (intermittent fasting). He did 16:8 or 14:10. Sometimes he was just so hungry he couldn’t wait 16 hrs, which could mean he needed more fat, but I didn’t get bossy about it.
Each night he had a high fat protein shake about an hour or two before bed.
He then fasted 16 hours (sometimes just 14), lifted in the mornings in a fasted state, then had another high fat protein shake after lifting. He ate his meals around 3 and 6pm, then the nightly shake. He also ate as much as he wanted at meals. The only real restrictions were <20g carbs, the overnight fasting, and lifting while fasted. The keto/IF/lift fasted combo creates a powerful hormonal cascade that burns fat and builds muscle, plus provides the healing your body needs.

It worked amazingly well. Over about six weeks, the fat just evaporated and his six pack abs emerged. The scale stayed the same, so he gained muscle at about the same rate as he lost fat. It was also doable for him, which counts for a lot. He had spent years doing the regular bodybuilding thing: bulk up, then cut. He loves this so much more, says he’ll never go back.

Just FWIW. But for heaven’s sake, eat enough. Rest. Chill out. Don’t stress out over this. Give it time. Your body needs time to heal, to grow muscle, to change. You’ll get there.

(Old Baconian) #58

This is important. Eating fat to satiety usually results in the belly’s being far from stuffed. As a carb-burner, I would eat to the literal bursting point (not even room for “one more wafer-thin mint”), and still be hungry. As a fat-burner, I lose interest long before that point. I certainly have room for more, I just don’t want it. Learn to listen to your body; it will tell you when you’ve given it enough energy.

When you’ve been active on these forums long enough (doesn’t take long if you keep reading and posting), the medical forum will be unlocked to you, and there is a mental health section where you will be able to post freely about your eating issues. There are several people on these forums who have dealt with their own eating disorders, and I’m sure they’d be delighted to share their experience.

We have an expression or slogan, “keep calm and keto on,” abbreviated KCKO. I am hearing a lot of agitation in your original post, so if you really are as agitated as you sound, please take a deep breath. You are absolutely fine, and you will continue to be fine.

Oh, and by the way, it may help for someone to state that a ketogenic diet is not primarily about weight loss, it is about metabolic health, part of which is weight normalization. It sounds as though you are already at a great weight, so it is likely that your healing on keto will take a different form from weight loss.

Please keep on letting us know how things go for you. Good luck, and God bless.

(Old Baconian) #59

Well, I thought everyone sounded entirely too reasonable on that other thread! This one sure makes up for that. Glad to know we’re part of teh Interwebz after all, lol. :grinning: :rofl:

(Empress of the Unexpected) #60

We sounded reasonable on the infamous toothpaste thread?? Ok, I’ll buy that so I don’t have to forever hang my head in shame. Cause what would the toothpaste thread have been without HRH of drama Regina?

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First it is great you have lost so much weight, congrats on a job well done. At 6’ you are a normal weight for your height. Now it is time to address a healthy attitude towards exercising.

This podcast from Keto Woman, might be helpful information for you. Exercise bulima is a thing, and there is a genetic reason for it. It doesn’t just happen to women either. Maybe give it a good listen.

(matt ) #66

If we cannot keep this topic on the rails it will be permanently closed.

@lfod14 please watch your tone. It’s as important as your message. Clearly you are upsetting people with your delivery. The last thing we want to do is remove a member that offers good info.

Play nice people.

(Crabrangoons) #67

Thanks everyone for the advice no worries I’m happy if people can disagree and I am one of seven youngest of the brothers and family there isn’t an insult anyone could say to me that would discourage me.

(Lonnie Hedley) #68

I’m 6ft, 140lbs. Didn’t happen overnight and I don’t restrict. I’m one of those unicorns people talk about. If you stop worrying so much and just realize the other benefits, you might slowly start losing a few more lbs. Although, your current weight is probably considered “more healthy” than mine.

And how’d I miss this thread? Such craziness. Kitty got claws.