So not a Unicorn. In fact, I have a divot in my forehead where a horn should have been


Have you had any lab tests done for the most likely things that hinder weight loss? Insulin and thyroid would be the first two tests, just to see if there’s something you need to know about. Then you can plan meals better to make sure you’re not exacerbating the situation.

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I hate doctors. Lol. As of two maybe three years ago all my labs were unremarkable. It’s my meals. I have to start watching calories. Arg. I don’t actually have anything medically treatable. Just neurosis. But yeah, they have been nagging at me and so I will go soon. ish. :slightly_smiling_face:


The insulin test is something you’ll have to ask about. It’s not part of a regular panel they run during a checkup.

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Cool, I live for ways to make their lives more difficult

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Well keto will eventually make you look better naked, so it’ll all work out. :rofl:

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@JohnH I actually do appreciate the concept of asceticism. I’m just now entering this part of my life where I may have to live it. It makes me feel anxious. Don’t know why, never been close to starvation ever. But I do see that I am being edged towards it with all the Love that the Divine has to offer. Trying not to be too childish but throwing tantrums is what tigger does best…

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I went keto to prevent my pre-diabetes from progessing to diabetes. Within a year my blood work was completely normal, along with my blood pressure and heart rate. In the process I lost sixty pounds, and my weight has been stable since the end of 2017. And all without going hungry or counting a calorie, so I’m a very happy camper!

And yeah, haven’t experienced the buzzing energy some people report, but on the other hand, I can spend hours mowing the lawn and still be functional the next day, whereas I used to have to spend a couple of days in bed recovering if I ever exerted myself like that, so no complaints. Normal energy is good, and being able to do things again that my fat had begun preventing me from doing is even better!

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I’ve read your posts these last months-- you are one of the main people that convinced me to try keto when I was still lurking. I appreciate so much your input in these forums!

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LIbby you are not ancient. I lost my weight and am maintaining it and I just turned 70. So it can be done. It took my just under a year to lose 40 lbs.Doing keto/lchf & adding fasting after I had a stall out for a while midway through. You can do this if I could. I have yoyoed most of my adult life, and that has stopped now.

You have stopped gaining, that is very important. We all are so different. I know the feeling of reading how someone started keto and reached goal weight the next month and they had 30 lbs. to lose. I just think their body was broken in a different way than mine. I had let my body heal some and then push it into fasting to be successful.

All the best on sorting yourself out and just know you are not the only slow loser around here.


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Full moons are beautiful for dancing around a fire, I always heard the new moon is the best time to start a venture and the full moon is a good time to wrap things up.

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It’s hard to sync up moon sign and moon phase. I could wait forever for it to be just right. So I’m going with waning gibbous in Aries. I know. Sad. On the plus side it’s a full moon in Capricorn tomorrow so yay. Light them bonfires up lol

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Thank you so kindly! You give me inspiration! Time is on my side, like Mr Jagger said.

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I need to hear this every single day. Not fat as much as you can but fat as needed. I have plenty of fat on my body.

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I’m a slow loser, too. I think the less weight you have to lose, combined with how much healing your body needs, is a big factor here. I also noticed that even though the scale didn’t show the weight loss I wanted, I did go down 4 pant sizes. That’s a lot! Hang in there… You’re body truly is in healing mode. Can you identify any health benefits so far? If so, focus on that… For me, my life long acne (truly agonizing for me) went away in the first week!!! The first week. I was astonished. My inflammatory markers were going down so much! Inflammation is the root of so many diseases. Hang in there. Things will change.

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I know what you mean. I had severe asthma, severe allergies, severe acid reflux (omg even sleeping sitting up I thought it was gonna kill me), adult acne, brain-fog, some depression, some aching joints, mysterious rashes esp. on my shins… I went on lowcarb and in less than three weeks ALL OF IT WAS GONE.

Honestly I thought it was lowcarb that did it, but now I understand it was mostly getting completely off grains – my gut integrity is damaged (‘leaky gut’), though at the time I knew nothing of that topic.

But low carb additionally dropped a bunch of water weight fast (which also helped relieve the joint pain and improve how I felt overall).

Had I not lost any weight at all though, just losing a bunch of medical and other ailments would have made the shift to LC food well worth it.