(Joey) #21

We all have our eccentricities (safely avoided egg pun). If yours is fear of encountering an eggshell-like texture in your eggs, then so be it.

Actually, not a bad choice of anxieties given all the other possibilities out there. :+1:

(BTW, whatever your wife’s “thing” is, don’t tell her it’s silly. As you likely know, it doesn’t work that way.)

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #22

As we’ve all learned, it’s not about the nail!


100% agree with this. Can ruin a whole egg-based meal. Same way with steamed clams (called “steamers” where I’m from in Maine). One bite of sand/grit and it’s all over. A good oatmeal based washing and rinsing usually does the trick, but not always…

(Geoffrey) #24

Yes sir, after 40 years of marriage I’ve learned this…sometimes the hard way.
I still refer to “She who is to be obeyed” as my bride.

(Geoffrey) #25

I can relate to that. I was hunting bear up in Forestville, a little north of Quebec and when the tide went out in the St. Lawrence we went clam digging. They were good but it was obvious that these Texas boys didn’t know how to clean clams properly. I was done after only a few. Not quite as bad as an eggshell but bad enough.

(Joey) #26

Wise words to inspire husbands who wish to be the Salt of the Earth. :love_letter:


Short answer: no. Unrefined salt will have minerals. As with most things, I would suggest you test for yourself.
We use Redmond Real Salt in the fine version. But it is unrefined, and thus there are other minerals in it. However, it does not taste like minerals.

(Joey) #28

Ah… but we were having such fun with the long answers. :wink:

(Edith) #29

I think if you want salt that doesn’t have other minerals in it to provide some gritty crunch, you should go with refined salt, just pure NaCl.