RealAge Test

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Does anyone have experience with the RealAge Test created by Dr Oz and others? My company is making us take the usual bio-metrics tests (weight, height, bp, cholesterol) this year to qualify for our health insurance premium incentive. But now they’ve added this additional survey/questionnaire thingy. This is the first I’ve heard of it.

I was just wondering if anyone has taken the RealAge Test and could give some examples of the questions. They’re claiming it’s ‘a scientifically based assessment that determines the true age of your body’. Sounds like hooey to me.

(Doug) #2

Sounds like Dr. Oz.

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Meditation Benefits: Telomere Lengthening and Brain Aging - By Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Ketosis, IF, brown fat, and being warmer in cool weather

I’ve taken it several times. It’s based on conventional wisdom. So it asks about family medical history (invasive and probably irrelevant), healthy whole grain consumption, evil red meat consumption, exercise, red wine, sleep. Cigarettes, drugs? It’s pretty standard. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Create a throw away email address and take it first on your own if you are concerned about the questions.

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Thanks Primal123! That’s about what I expected.