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Hello , I have a question. Hopefully someone can help me. I am a 65-year-old male. I have not eaten red meat since 1975. I am very active and wish to convert to a carnivore diet. I’m concerned because I’m Limited to only chicken turkey fish and eggs. Is it possible for me to still convert to a carnivore diet without being able to eat red meat? Please help.


Are you talking about zero carb/carnivore? What are you converting from - ie what are you eating now? I don’t see any reason why not. Most people on carnivore tend to veer towards the red meats simply because they find them more satisfying but I don’t think there is any nutritional need. It tends I think to be a little more nutrient dense but you could get what you needed elsewhere and having things like fish would be great for your omega 3s. You might need to add more fat because that is often higher in the red meats. Do you like duck? That is packed with good stuff. Georgia Ede showed a slide in her recent talk at Breck that showed just how nutrient dense it is. That, chicken liver and salmon. I think I may even have a screenshot, let me look…

I hope that helps. Check out also @amber’s website for more info about eating a carnivore diet. You could also check out this and last week’s episodes of my podcast where I chat to Amber and she answers listener’s questions on the subject…

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Thanks Daisy. I’m currently eating meats, veggies, very very little grains, some fruits, no dairy no sugar. I run ultra trail races several times a year and am worried about not having enough carbs to fuel my runs. I’ll try to increase the meat and reduce everything else.

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Finally listened to part 1 today. Awesome interview Daisy.

@silverbak, welcome to the club. What caused the switch after so long without? I have a friend about your age that hasn’t eaten meat for about ten years, but has been asking me about keto lately.

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Dr. Jeff Volek has some interesting info on keto based improvement in ultramarathoners (high fat oxidation rate greatly reducing glycogen need). This is one place to read about that:


You might want to check out the second Cereal Killers film which focuses on ultra endurance events on keto. Your energy needs to come from fat predominantly - you will see in this video a really good break down of the macros they ate and how their performance was impacted.

The film is also available on the Diet Doctor membership site.

Yes, potentially you might need to up your protein - it rather depends on your starting level - but the fat is important. I thought you meant you were eating ZC/Carnivore where you are not eating any plant foods at all which is a bit different when it comes to macro levels.