Quarantine struggles

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Time will tell if, and when, I get infected. But may be I’ve been infected already, unlikely.

This virus episode, which seems to focus on chronic conditions should make it plain to everyone that a heathy living population is a necessity for national and economic security. We can barely afford health care that costs many billions. Now it’s trillions and that’s clearly intolerable.


If your brain requires garbage when stressed then make sure you have at least KETO garbage to feed it. You can have keto pancakes, waffles, cookies, ice cream, brownies etc. If you’re going to eat junk, eat junk that will hold you where you are, not cause a very difficult to fix backslide. You can obviously still accomplish that and gain fat on keto, but with keto junk food it won’t be half as bad as doing it with sugary ones.

One of my go to’s that I eat DAILY to keep my protein up is a protein “sludge”. Take a scoop or two of protein powder, mix in just enough water or almond milk to make it mud, throw in about 50g frozen blueberries and BOOM! Tastes like a desert/moose/icecream. I’ve always got a couple different flavors on deck, Usually always chocolate but right now also Oatmeal Cookie and Blueberry Muffin (that one goes awesome with the blueberries. My wife does a cheesecake one with strawberries. It’ll fill you up and tell your brain your eating desert. Mostly protein, pretty low carb.


Similar to your frozen berry desert, I mix a large scoop of vanilla (stevia) whey powder with 1/2 n 1/2 milk, and throw in a handful of frozen organic blueberries, and presto it’s like ice cream. I like the coldness of it on warm evenings of the summer. It’s hard to keep my weight from rising when I consume this treat, but on hot days it’s really good. As it gets cooler I hope to eat less of this.

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