Portion sizes and "What did you keto today?" Developing food discipline

(Full Metal Keto) #21

You should stop testing then! If your body processes cause you stress that’s worse than relaxing and trusting the process. Chasing BG and Ketone levels which change constantly seems like a waste of time to me. I know lots of people are into the testing but I have never peed on a stick, blown into a breathalyzer or pricked my finger since I started. I have been stress free and happy and have had miraculous improvements. I am only 8 pounds from my readjusted and lowered goal weight now, turned around borderline diabetes ad lost 47 pounds effortlessly. I would rather spend the money I would testing on a crap load of good steaks. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Jane) #22

I agree totally. Some people have been fortunate enough to recoup their normal hunger/satiety response to eating after eating keto for a while but some never do.

(Susan) #23

I try to make an amount that I think I can eat; usually, but sometimes I make enough for two meals, and put one portion in a container for the fridge, and one on the plate, right then. There has been times where I end up adding food from my plate to the container, because I am simply too full, and just cannot eat it all. This varies for me. I find after a Fasting period, that I get full very quickly, so I cannot eat much.

(hottie turned hag) #24

Ditto me. And I am a data freak by nature, training and profession. I assessed/assess my results without hard data as I went/go. I honestly fail to see the value of measuring ketones at all. They’re a byproduct of the process, not causative to the process.

(Carl Keller) #25

You will find various opinions on the degree in which protein is converted to glucose via gluconeogenesis but it is my belief that the process is driven by demand, not supply. My own N=1 says that I can consistently eat up to 150 grams of protein per day and still lose weight. This is the number I subconsciously stop around because eating any more of than this will start making me feel miserable.

(Karen) #26

When I started I saw it as a temporary thing that would help me lose the weight. Also my stomach hurts when I eat wheat so wheat was out anyway you look at it. Now I see it more as a permanent thing because I have listened to a great number of podcasts and read books and papers on the benefits of a ketogenic diet. I don’t see myself going back to fruit, starchy vegetables, grains, or sugar.

(PSackmann) #27

One of the ways I built my appetite was to purposely stretch the time period between meals, even when hungry. It helped to clue me in to the different hungers I have; thirst, need salt, need fat, bored, time triggered, and really hungry. I would go down the list, first trying water, then salt, then a bit of butter. Rarely did I need to get to the butter. Once I was comfortable eating at the beginning and end of an 8 hour period, I noticed that, while I didn’t think I was very hungry, the first few bites would make me feel ravenous. Then, after an appropriate amount of food, I would suddenly not be hungry. The amounts I eat most days has gone down, where I used to eat a deli sandwich, chips, pickle, and cookie in one setting, now a deli sandwich with a lettuce wrap will satisfy me. For me, if I eat more frequently, I also can only eat a few bites so maybe expanding the time between meals or trying a few OMAD will help.

(hottie turned hag) #28

I experienced this too, totally inadvertently, when I started eating keto and once/24h. Actual hunger really does feel different to the bored version, or the hm that looks good, version. I never realized the subtle differences until doing the once/24h thing.

(Art ) #29

I am getting there. 56 years of believing ‘calories in and calories out’ is hard to overcome. Just watched a video that has me more so than ever against modern corporate fruit. It really belongs in the center of the store.

Entertaining and short - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6LL92Zs5L0

Also wanting to learn all of this well to protect my son. I want him to have a trained taste sense that broccoli is sweet and sugary things are offensive to his palate.

(Art ) #30

You and my primary agree. I stopped the AM fasting test. I still test the scale every morning and wear a Polar M600 to encourage my activity level.

(Susan) #31

I am so glad that my grand daughter (just turned 3 and lives here, with her mom too) loves Broccoli, Cucumbers, Cheese, and other foods way more then sweets. I hope that this will continue.

(Art ) #32

As mentioned earlier, I was an Olympic class cyclist and spent 2 years at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. The advice at that time was “listen to your body”. If there was some kind of craving it was for a reason. Cravings manifested in very clear ways for me - shortage of electrolytes… OJ, grapes, sports drinks. Shortage of fat - chocolate covered raisins and nuts. Shortage of protein - chicken breasts and raw filet mignon. Shortage of steroids and EPO - what ? I’m not Lance Armstrong. I was one of those honest racers - you know… the ones not on the podium.

(Michael - Don't expect miracles and you won't be disappointed.) #33

This is a GREAT video. Thank you so much for posting the link!

(John) #34

I try to keep portion sizes reasonable. I will eat whatever I put on the plate.

So for breakfast I usually go with 2 eggs and 2 strips of bacon, 8 oz glass of unsweetened almond milk, black coffee.

The main benefit I get from the low carb way of eating is much better regulation of hunger and eating cues. That small breakfast (about 400 calories or so) easily carries me to lunch or dinner.

If I were to make 3 eggs and 4 strips of bacon, I would eat all of that, too, and it would carry me about the same length of time.

There are times where I DO choose to have a bigger meal, but that is generally intentional to make sure I am getting enough to eat.

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This no doubt!
That’s my contribution to this discussion😄