Opening Up Results

(Ron) #233

And what is gained by this coarse of action?

Posting a 2nd hand gossip story without actual hands on experience on a world forum is more naive than questioning the validity of the story IMHO.


(John) #234

I would like that I am not trying to be anti Janie just that a friend of a friend story reported as truth is how misinformation gets out of control. With this virus we need more confirmed facts and less I heard it through the grapevine stories

(GINA ) #235

Without through-the-grapevine ‘misinformation’ (according to the experts) low carb diets would not be here today. Experts said fat was the enemy, period. Anyone that believed anything else was deluded. Anyone that believed $$$ drove ‘the science’ was a conspiracy theorist. There had to be thousands of individuals telling their stories before ‘the science’ began to change and the entrenched experts started to wake up. Many of them are still holding out, even in the face of obvious evidence.

I don’t have any inside information on covid, I just don’t think it is at all far-fetched to think that it could be manipulated for political or monetary gain.

(Jane) #236

No, no digestive issues. 100-102 F fever, cough, sweats, aches and sore throat. Could not report to the plant with those symptoms and once I reported I had to go get tested. Just a stupid summer cold.

(Jane) #237

Thank-you. I knew I would be attacked for posting my friend’s story but words can’t hurt me. Opinions are like assholes - we all have them.

I believe her and I think the same greed that drove the processed food industry to lie to us for years for profit is in play again - just different players this time.

(Jane) #238

So… my state (Arkansas) went from everything opened up with some limitations on capacity and back in July hardly anyone wore a mask and it almost looked “normal” again. Then our governor issued an EO requiring masks in public except when eating or drinking. Now everyone at Walmart has a mask instead of practically nobody. Been 5 weeks now - should have made a HUGE difference in our numbers right? Everyone masked up instead on hardly anyone??? Masks are key to prevent the spread they say. Heh. Haven’t seen a bit of difference in the numbers, curve, trends, nada. Same as before. We must be faking our numbers LOL j/k

(Jane) #239

This made my day today:

We ate lunch at the local Chinese place that used to be a buffet and now menu only (I prefer that anyway). In the parking lot as we were leaving a very elderly woman was getting out of the passenger side of her car next to ours. We stopped at the end of our car and waited to social distance and be polite. She was VERY SLOW. Her daughter apologized as she went around to help her mom and we smiled and said we were in no hurry.

The woman had a cane and her daughter supported her other arm and gently led her across the parking lot under her own power with a bit of help. The lady stopped, turned to us and proclaimed “I am 102 years old!”. We grinned and congratulated her and said we were glad to see them get out. Her daughter was no spring chicken as she said HER daughter just turned 60. Fear of the virus wasn’t keeping those tough old birds at home. Made me smile.


Covid doesn’t cause sore throat. Dry cough. You’re right. Just a summer cold.

(Jane) #241

I didn’t think so either, but couldn’t take the chance of infecting an entire manufacturing plant. Was annoying to be sitting at my table in a 71F house with sweat dripping down both sides of my face.

Our country’s health care has gone to shit!!!

Once I was COVID-negative I called my PCP for some meds to get well. Got a call back 6 hours later that based on my symptoms I needed antibiotics and the doc called in a 2-week script. Of course she called as soon as we got back from the town with the nearest pharmacy - hour and a half round trip.

I had online meetings all afternoon so hubby grabbed the keys and made the second hour and a half round trip that day to pick up my meds.

He got home at 5:05 pm and it was ALLERGY meds!!! Doc’s office closed at 5 pm. I left a testy message they wouldn’t get until the next day and started dinner. Fuming.

Then I remembered my company contracted with a virtual medical service this year (pre-COVID) so I logged into Teladoc and requested an appointment. Ten minutes later I had a doctor on the line, described my symptoms, “you need an antibiotic”. Duh. She called it in. By this time it was getting close to 7 pm and the pharmacy closes at 8. Hubby was watering our fruit trees so I went down to the meadow to update him, figuring I’d get my meds the next day.

He checked his watch, said “hell no, I can make it” and handed me the water hose to finish. He REALLY wanted me to get those meds in my system that night and made the THIRD hour and a half round trip to the pharmacy. He called me and I figured there was “a problem” but it was to tell me he had my meds. My husband really loves me a lot to do that for me!

I took the first days’ worth in that first night and by morning felt human again.

Still pissed my PCP called in allergy meds. I called the nurse on it but they wouldn’t admit their mistake. Of course not. I’ll be finding me a new PCP if the doctors ever start seeing patients again.

(John) #242

I am sorry Janie. I didnt mean to come off as attacking you. I have no reason to think you are not telling the truth about what you have heard. In that respect I believe you. All I was trying to say was that 3rd party stories about this virus seems to be a problem. I do have a very hard time thinking that a hospital would threaten to fire a doctor for not lying on a DC. It just seems that a call to the health department or cdc would have resolved this with no need for a lawyer but if there is one involved I am sure it will be all over the news soon because there is no way a story like this doesnt get national attention. If it doesnt get media coverage you should tell your friend to tell their friend that they need a better lawyer. After all I would hope the lawsuit would be about truth and not just money

(Art) #243

Are there any details about this story? What hospital, doctor, etc.? Or is it entirely ‘mysterious’ and envisioned?

(Jane) #244

Yes, I have those details and will report back if anything changes.

(Jane) #245

The problem with threats is they are always verbal, always one-on-one so can’t be proven unless you record it. Which nobody thinks about until after the fact.

I worked in such a hostile environment 20 years ago that when I was threatened by my manager and reported it to HR I was then threatened to keep my mouth shut by HR or lose my job. Yeah, it made me a bit jaded.

“If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by”

I outlasted all of those assholes, some who were fired themselves. I will say the group I work with today I respect and enjoy working with.

(Peter) #246

Just spread the story around anyway, though. This is like the RNC in terms of caring about facts.

(Jane) #247

Don’t concern yourself - I won’t be posting on any COVID thread anymore - this is my last COVID post so you can start celebrating.

You keep believing the media has your best interests at heart and there is no corruption when there is money to be made.


That may be so but there’s no sense in denying the existence of this virus or downplaying the severity of this virus.

(John) #249

Facts seems to be a problem on both sides. Thats why I try to cruise in the middle. Listen to both sides but stay skeptical. I probably lean a bit to the right but I will not blindly follow either side. So the question goes back to. What should we be doing about the virus? If we aren’t trying to eliminate it then whats the plan? Wait for a vaccine? For how long? I have no confidence in that any time soon. Heard immunity? Might be our last hope because you will not get the whole country to do a real shut down. I really don’t know what the answer is

(Peter) #250

As opposed to “a friend of a friend told me she was told but it’s ALL TRUE!” stuff? Yeah, OK, sounds like a good trade.


We sadly live in a world where people get “news” from “social media”.

Problem with that approach is that’s THINKING for yourself! In 2020? That’s crazy talk.

(John) #253

this made me laugh pretty good. Good goals for 2021 should be to work on Thinking and Common Sense.