Number in green circle?

(Jamie Hayes) #1

I have a green circle above my avatar / profile pic. What does it mean and how do I resolve it?

(Patrick B.) #2

Can you post a screenshot???

(Jacquie) #3

Have you checked your messages?

(Roxanne) #4

I believe that’s a notification that someone has either replied to one of your posts, or “liked” it. If you click on your Avatar, you should see a list of notifications beneath it.

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #5

I believe the green circle on the left is you’ve received an email and the lavender circle on the right is for notifications on your topic or replies

(eat more) #6

i sent you a msg to test it :joy::joy::joy::joy:

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #7

It worked, you should have the green circle now :wink::hugs::sunglasses:

(Jamie Hayes) #8

Thanks all, I don’t know what the green circle was about but now it is gone. Have a great day.

(eat more) #9

you have a PM
it goes away if you read the notification or…i think navigate to a diff page

(Roxanne) #10

Ah…I didn’t realize there were different colours. Nobody’s loved me enough to send a PM…sniff sniff

(Roxanne) #11

Yay, I’m no longer a green circle virgin :blush:

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #12

I don’t know why this didn’t pop up in my search yesterday, it perfectly explains the green circle…

(eat more) #13

but my test in the name of technology was so fun :giggle: