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I laughed so much at the adding, multiplying and dividing :joy: I’m useless at weighing out stuff, so I think for now I’ll just eat what I can within the low carb ratio and see what happens. Haha yeah I do only eat small amounts, my friends always comment on that “oh is that all your having” I think cause I’m always on the go, as in working and general house stuff sometimes it’s hard just to take a moment to think about “proper food” then when I do I can’t decide so I either go without or binge on something random like cheese and celery. I certainly don’t feel like I’m in starvation mode as someone said. Maybe your right it’s all about feeling my way around this to see what suits, whether it be 1 meal or 5-6 Thanks @Shinita

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I use an app called chronometer. It is free to just use superficially which is all l need. It makes it very easy to work out the g of all the 3 food groups.


Ah thank you @0cac544b99285298bde6 that’s helpful to know :+1:t3:

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@never2late Thankyou, that is a very helpful, well-balanced reply which makes a great deal.of sense to me :blush:

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@PiratePixi @MattWisti Welcome to you both! You’re in good company around here. Enjoy, share and learn as we go. :vulcan_salute:

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@never2late. How long did it take for you to notice the benefits of being on a keto diet? And equally, if you have gone down the wrong path a bit, how soon do you notice?
I am trying to get a handle on how to experiment, when l have been on the diet for a while.


Hi Eve, again, you ask good questions, and again I might not answer all that well due to hazy memory. I don’t know, it might have been only a couple of weeks when I noticed my lipoedema pain and tenderness was much reduced. That was, and still is the greatest benefit for me on keto. I also during those two weeks lost about 3-4 kg in what I suspect was water weight. I had prior to that suffered from my lipoedema swelling and water retention. Keto did away with that water retention, another noticable benefit alongside the much reduced inflammation. As to going down the wrong path, your body might show you signs things aren’t working and requires tweaking along the way. This could be to keep a better watch on your electrolytes, or that you need to supplement. The only time the ketogenic WOE didn’t work for me was when I was put on a different brand of medication than I am used to, which seriously messed with my WOE, as it (the drug) probably raised both my insulin and cortisol at the time, giving me back the water retention. Soon as I was switched back to my regular brand, all those problems went away though. Drugs can seriously alter the effects of your WOE, so if you are on any you’ll have to take that into consideration. If you are medication free, then I imagine the benefits of a ketogenic WOE are many. Not that there aren’t benefits if you are on any kind of medication, but there might be limitations.


Less than 2 weeks. A lifetime (70+ years!) of flattulence, bloat and digestive discomfort and pain disappeared. And have stayed disappeared! If I enjoyed no other benefits from keto, I would still continue for the rest of my life. Yes, indeed, I have enjoyed lots of other benefits as well - a level of good health and fitness most folks my age only vaguely recall, if at all. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@never2late That sounds like a very helpful result from the diet. It must be a great relief to not have those symptoms. I am starting to notice g.i. benefits but it has taken quite a while but l was suffering pretty severe gut dysbiosis which may just be taking some time to settle. Not there yet, but definitely some positive signs. I was eating loads of veg so it may be that my body was massively accustomed to high carbs so the switch to ketones.was a big step! Not sure if it works that wat or not.
Do you continue to take electrolytes every day? From what l understand, they are necessary due to the lack of carbs. I started them when l got bed keto flu and now continue just in case it comes back!
It has been quite a learning journey, and still is…

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@MattWisti My indigestion too has all but gone which is wonderful and amazing!


welcome! Get enough calories, so you don’t lower your metabolic rate, and enjoy the journey.


Hi Eve, I take magnesium citrate, I believe the brand is called Calm, every night (1 heaped teaspoon now, but I started out with just a quarter and built up over time) to keep my leg cramps away. I also believe it helps me sleep better. Other than that I liberally salt my eggs, meat and fish.


Electrolytes are necessary on every diet, I for one never saw any difference on keto but many people need to get more. It may come from the food alone, not everyone needs supplements.
I never ever had keto flu and I went into ketosis zillion times. I was lucky as my sodium need is lowish and I easily get it from my food but keto flu really isn’t mandatory, it can be avoided.

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Food is fuel. For those of us that use it as our “Coping Tool”, we get into serious trouble.
Fat is GOOD fuel, if they are good fats. (Seed oils are like using dirty gasoline).
Carbohydrates are like rocket-fuel. Yeah, it burns easy, but it destroys the engine.

Dr. Boz likes to say. Ketosis is not a diet, is a specific chemistry in your body.
And getting there is different for different people. Turns out, my wife who eats crazy amounts of carbs, is almost always in ketosis. She naturally eats ONE meal a day. Only eats when she is truly hungry, and only eats what she “feels” like eating, and only enough to hit the spot.

I was shocked she was in Ketosis… But she doesn’t eat a lot of processed foods. Some, but tiny quantities. (A “candy bar” can last her 3-4 months).

Okay, so that said. you’ve gotten good advice here already. If not eating is not a big issue, you may be closer to ketosis than most. It’s one of the signs of a healthy metabolism. (if you get hangry, or need to eat every couple of hours, you’ve got a deranged metabolism, because eating every couple of hours was NEVER a thing 10,000 years ago!)