New diabetic taking the plunge


(Thomas P Seager, PhD) #62

Have you tried fasting with Aurora?

I know cat Moms who will do intermittent fasting themselves, but the thought of their cats missing a meal horrifies them. So far, I haven’t noticed that it did the cats any harm to skip a day of eating.

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Hey Chris…I can def relate. Similar situation here; over 330# I’ve done keto on & off for past 3-4 yrs. Initially very solid on Keto for over a year, went to the First Ketofest. Labs numbers doing well, but then I got cocky…& the old slippery slope crept up on me. Have been on metformin over 10 yrs; & I have been “pre-diabetic” for that time. However, if I’m being honest, when it came time for the annual lab tests, I’d fast & manipulate my diet so the labs didn’t look so bad :frowning: During the Covid era, I became isolated, & made some bad food choices, binging on bad stuff…& I’m paying the consequences. Jan 2022 was my “come to Jesus” moment, my MD busted me with HgA1C of 7.1, high BP & lipids. He gave me another 3 months to show some progress, or he wanted to add 3 drugs (statin, BP med, & another BG med). Scared me, but it also made me go through some things…guilt, shame, anger, hopelessness, etc. I’m a RN for Pete’s sake, I’m supposed to know better…How in the world did I end up here???

Had my 3 month f/u; I was able to make enough changes to dec A1C to 6.9, & dec 10# but still had get serious or I’m looking at some unpleasant outcomes. In the past 2 weeks, I was able to do a water fast for 2 1/2 days, & then go to a Dr. Westman style page 4 type of keto (count total carbs, clean simple foods, no processed, 8+ glasses H20, etc). While this may not be necessary for everyone, I am taking the Food Addictions course (Dr. Vera Tarman, on the Adaptyourlife site–based on Westman style Keto). She also has a book called Food Junkies. Because the other truth I need to acknowledge, is that I’ve got food triggers that suck me in, & sugar will nail my ass every time, & pull me in to a bad place. Initially, it’s the bad stuff on the typical SAD diet. However again, if I’m honest, there are still foods that are keto-legal that also trigger me to overeat (heavy nuts, dairy, or keto substitute versions of non-keto foods [i.e. fat bombs, fathead pizza, etc]). Some people can be moderators when they shift their diets…that’s awesome, & I’m jealous ;)…some of us do better as abstainers…& that’s what I’m finding out I need to be.
The other couple things I’m doing now that is helping keep me on track, feeling balanced, more clear-minded, & hopeful: 1. Using a scale to weigh/measure to make sure I’m being honest, & track macros (mostly just making sure my Carbs around around 20g) via My Fitness Pal. Finding this makes it more likely that I am using cheese, etc more like a condiment rather than eating half a brick of it. Also using my Fitbit for steps/exercise tracking, sleep, mindfulness, etc.

  1. And this was LIFE-CHANGING for me…I talked my MD into writing a prescription for a Continuous Glucose Monitor. Just 24 hrs in today…this is a game-changer!!! If I had this a couple years ago, I would NOT be in the situation I am now. I am effectively able to look at BG in real time (really the interstitial fluid glucose level, but same function) at ANY time I want. I now have the power to see what certain foods do to my BG (what spikes it, what keeps it stable); or the effects of exercise, or sleep, or stress, or meds, etc. I am now empowered to see the consequences of my choices, & make course corrections. Because of this tool, I’ve been able to keep my BG between 85-125 today…this is NON-DIABETIC range. WAY EASIER than multiple fingersticks a day; doesn’t hurt at all to place the sensor either. I understand this is not an option everyone can afford…the Freestyle Libre 2 sensors run around $65-$70 per sensor (Costco is cheapest here in New Mexico); so $130-140/month that may or may not be covered by your insurance. I’m paying out of pocket. (there are other devices too, but tend to be more expensive). So just my two sense, if this is feasible for you …you may want to consider it as well.

In the meantime…hang in there Chris…a month ago I was feeling sorry for myself & not very hopeful…getting a little taste of success under your belt will do wonders, & you will build momentum for success as well. Take care! :smiley:

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The idea of a food addictions course is great, as many people have addictions.

I wish someone – anyone – would come out with a cheaper CGM. Preferably one in a watch with no sensors to buy.

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I would only say, keep your determination, with Keto.
I felt like quitting at times…but then it became routine. I was Type 2 & hypertension, and other stuff.
An NHS gastronenlogical consultant, upon whom it took years to get an appointment with him, sent me for tests and (in my head he had written me off).
Next time I saw him I had lost 4 stone, 30 kilos from 100, 56 pounds.
By following Keto diet.
Fighting fit again. No more holding breath when tying shoelaces.
Run up and down stairs. feel alive again.
Go for it.

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What Coopdawg said. I’m living now!