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Hi everyone. I’m a newcomer here who just finished my first month of keto. I will be sure to post about my experience, which has been very smooth. I have spent a great deal of time this last month reading about the science that explains the success I’m experiencing, and everything PaulL says rings true. I was ultimately diagnosed with T2D, but the progression would have been obvious for a decade or more had I only been more aware. In kind of the mirror image of Dr. Kraft’s terminology, I find myself thinking T2D as simply Stage IV insulin resistance disease. It was already working its magic long before my beta cells started falling behind badly enough to trigger the diagnosis. But it’s a good thing I had that to finally wake me up.

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@PST Glad you got it figured out! Except now @PaulL will have a big head.

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A big head? Moi? :grin:

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Been on keto for 3 years went from 287 to 130…it does work. Just don’t be discouraged if your test strips don’t read right or you feel like you are not losing enough.I turned a standstill around by increasing my exercise regimen. Now all is going well.

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Love the tip about the clothes. Well done!

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If Paul’s head gets big but the size of the avatar remains the same, does that mean that we will only be able to see his nose, or one of his eyes or something like that?

Best quote of the day, anyone?
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You’re going to reverse your T2D. Many other people have done it.

This woman was at 12% body fat – skinny as a rail – and still had an HbA1C over 7.

She reversed, too

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Let me recommend you find Dr. Boz on YouTube, and check out the video she posted last night.
Not only that, her book “Keto Continuum” and the workbook.

I was basically in your boat when I started. I’ve gained some weight recently, but I am back to eating really clean.

What I like about the Keto Continuum (KC), is that Dr. Boz makes it clear that there is a progression you SHOULD follow for healing your body. Don’t run straight out and do the advanced stuff. Go Slowly, and learn WHY these things matter.

I stopped fighting with people over Cream and Sweeteners in their coffee. But MOST of the time someone is stalling, that’s what I find. Or chewing gum, or drinking diet soda.

Dr. Boz breaks down how you know if this stuff applies to you. And she gives you a roadmap where you can identify where you are at. And if you are NOT getting the results you expect. Then look at the roadmap, and your boodwork… Are you STUCK at a low-level on the continuum, and you need to add positive stressors (like more fasting)?

She also LIVES this lifestyle. And So Does Dr. Ken Berry.
Finally, if you feel you might be battling deeper addictions and the cueing is triggering your cravings, look up Dr. Joan Ifland… She has an online community Addiction Reset Community (ARC). And they provide an immersion experience to learn to identify your triggers, and avoid them, and change how you respond to them. In a PEACEFUL, Diet Agnostic, and SAFE environment. Lots of new skills to be learned that help you to become the person you want to be with regards to living your life (not as a slave to the immense marketing of junk foods).

HTH! Welcome Aboard!

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This reply hardly belongs in this thread, but thanks so much @tpseager for this reply about JackJack the overweight cat and her TOFI owner (Thin Outside, Fat Inside).

I think I need to follow her example. Her cat sounds like one of my two cats, Aurora. She’s sweet as can be but is built like a regulation NBA basketball. She looks like she’s in pain when she walks. We’ve tried to get her to go carnivore but I think the doesn’t recognize meat as food. She’s a rescue cat, was a stray for a while, and I think she was fed on Science Diet dry food until we adopted her. We switched her to “grain free” kibbles, but so what? It’s just a different form of carbs in the grain free stuff.

In the last year, she’s had urinary tract infection that led to trails of blood around the house and is now decorating the house with “number two” droppings. The vets say that can be a sign of them associating pains they’re having when using the litter box as coming from the litter box.

Probably too long and TMI, but thanks again.


May I suggest you try carnivore/zero carb. I have found (after many years yoyo-ing on low carb) that it is much easier to maintain. Like an alcoholic abstaining rather than trying to manage a couple of glasses of wine a day. With zero effort and zero hunger my husband and I have dropped 30 pounds since starting in June. Much success to you.


Measure everything in the beginning. Have a baseline to start. Full blood test and if budget allows a DEXA Scan. Measure your blood ketones for the first month. I elimnated everything that was white or could be white. No processed food. I set a time limit for 3 months at which point I got tested again. I knew empirically what had occurred in the last three months. Both good and bad. Mostly good. Best of luck

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Damn! Impressive.

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Come on in. The water is fine! :nerd_face:

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Thank you for recommending Dr. Boz. I bought her book and workbook.

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Hi Chris,

I just recently got into this forum, although I had joined, I didn’t start participating. I am glad you found it as I am getting more help here than any other place I’ve been hangin out. I’ve just been on Keto since last Feb. so going on a year.

I was diagnosed with Type 2 in January, but didn’t really get with Keto until the next month when my HbA1c went up to 7.4 (from the 7.0) I was pre-diabetic since 2018 but wasn’t alerted to the fact, and I hadn’t learned to read my own labs :wink:

I see you posted this on the 9th, so I hope your are still around here :wink: I’ll read further in the thread to see if you have posted more here, or elsewhere, but welcome, and Merry Christmas/Happy New Year to you!! Denise

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I third this after @Iskandar because I feel like losing the extra weight was a bonus besides feeling so, much better. I did have withdrawals but there so much we can do to alleviate that :wink:

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Did you see this article on ice baths and blood sugar control?

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That cold exposure helps mitochondria heal is well-known, but I don’t believe it’s enough, all by itself. If people continue to eat a high-carb diet, then they will continue damaging their mitochondria, and most likely at a faster rate than the cold exposure can heal.

Moreover, as the late Dr. Joseph Kraft long maintained, Type II diabetes is not really about glucose control, except in the late stages; it’s about insulin resistance. Dr. Kraft claimed that diabetes was obvious, ten or twenty years earlier than the diagnostic standard permits, just from the pattern of insulin response to a glucose stimulus. He called it variously “occult diabetes” and “diabetes in situ.

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Not that particular article that I can recall, but I’ve heard various podcasters talking about ice baths for a few years. It seems to be repeatable, but I wonder how effective it is vs. other things, like @PaulL says. As an adjunct to keto.

It is interesting that after pretty much all of the history of type II diabetes, now that keto research has shown that it can be reversed, people are looking at other ways to try to reverse it.

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I’d rather eat a sizzling hot steak than sit in ice water.