New Blood Panel Results

(Danny) #21

Absolutely insane…

(Alec) #22

This is what trillion dollar industries are based on. Did anyone mention a house of cards???

(Alec) #23

That’s interesting, I didn’t know that… I am unsure whether it is the same in Australia where I am, but it could be. If it is, no wonder I get a deep sigh when I say no.

(Bob M) #24

For some people, alcohol consumption causes higher HDL (not for me, though). That’s where the trigs come in: he’d likely have high to very high trigs. Trigs + HDL are really just markers of metabolism.

(Rossi Luo) #25

I got same concern as you have. I got my blood results last Sunday, and my LDL sharply goes up from 2.18 mmol/L to 4.82 mmol/L while triges goes down and HDL not changed. My triges to HDL ratio is 0.89. Like you, I am trying to find a way (if possible) to lower my LDL, I have started doing exercise, I want to try if that could help. According to Dave Feldman, you and I should be the type of hyper-responder.

(Bob M) #26

Exercise should raise your LDL, as you need more fat for fuel, and LDL is a fuel delivery vehicle in part.