My calcium score result

(Bacon is better) #21

There was some talk about this on the forums a few years ago. I don’t remember names, just that people stressed that vitamins D and K were essential to persuading the calcium to go back into the bones. I have the impression that it’s not a speedy process, either.

And of course, a ketogenic diet is essential, as well, because it was the carbohydrate intake and the interference by elevated insulin that caused the arterial damage in the first place. (Or if Ravnskov and Diamond are right, it sped up the rate of damage beyond normal to the point that calcification became necessary as part of the repair process.)

(Germaine M Schweibinz) #22

That’s a great score, wish mine was like that.

(Denise) #23

Added a “good” K2 (I believe) ask try as I might, until I get to where i think I’m getting it in my foods, i’ll supplement :wink: thanks Paul!


YUP! They have drugs that do it too, but are very hesitant to use them because of the fear of free floating plaque.

(Bob M) #25

Only got c-peptide taken once, mine was 2.5. Depending on where I look, mine might be slightly high (“normal” might have a limit of 2.0). Yours seems fine, though.