Muscle weakness

(Robin) #21

Menopausal is no fun, but once you’re over that hump… it’s FREEDOM!


Menopause is the best thing that ever happened to me. Reducing the hormonal load has so many great benefits! Just hang in there.


Thank you! Everything will be fine l’m sure.
Have a happy day everyone!


Hello dear forum people🤗after a short break l‘m back on track!
A few weeks ago l thought that keto did not improve my long covid so l figured l could introduce a few more carbs in my life (an apple, a few buckwheat crepes, a potato here and there, a lot more berries than just a handful).
And then, after a few weeks of a little bit of indulgence l realized that l had gained that much waist that l couldn‘t zip my pants from last winter…crap!
Starting with tomorrow morning l‘m back on intermittent fasting and two keto meals a day. It‘s crazy how fast the menopaused body is able to react to carbs!
Since l last wrote about my muscle weakness l upped my protein intake to 2 g per kg bodyweight, and l started to do strength training at home, very slowly but every other day. It has gotten better already:-)
All the best to you, take care!

(Robin) #25

Nice to have you back! I swear sometimes we need to stray from the path and get lost in order to remember why we chose our path in the first place,
I’m like you… little bit of this, little bit of that, and next thing you know…
Well, you DO know!
But fortunately it’s never too late to go back.
You got this!