Long term symptoms from keto

(cerastez) #21

I got back from the doctor. The blood test was only for cholesterol. Not even a test for B, and I had been low on that before. The explanation was that my blood test from February had been great.

And everything was just explained away…
“your pulse is on the high end of normal but still within the normal range.”
“frequent urination is very common in older women.” And he gave me a prescription for oxybutynin
“night sweats are probably due to menopause”

I am tempted to try some expensive electrolytes for a week, before I try the prescription.


If you even have to question your hydration/electrolytes than its a good idea to try that, that said you can also try a gram of salt right before bed, it helps some with vasopressin (prob spelled wrong) which is an anti diuretic hormone we release at night.

Another thing which nobody in keto circles ever wants to consider is carbs. Some (good ones) right before bed can also help. Keto does in fact have a diuretic effect, there’s no denying that. Peeing all night hurts quality of life in some pretty severe ways, aside from the aggravation, you’re playing with you deep sleep which can undermine almost anything else you’re doing.

(Robin) #23

Good points. I think of sleep as 1/3 of our overall health.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #24

That’s not my experience. My bladder capacity on keto is phenomenal (for me, any way). When I went keto, I started sleeping through the night, whereas for the previous 60 years I had been getting up two or three times a night to empty my bladder. In fact, one of my indicators that I’ve had too much carbohydrate is having to get up in the middle of the night to urinate.

I have to say, however, that a bit of salt before bedtime does help. And that was true even before I went keto.


I’m going to give this a try. Since going on keto and losing weight, I’ve reduced the number of times I wake up to go. Usually, only once about 2AM. Unfortunately, I have two old dogs who wake me at 2 on those nights my body is quiet. They too have become used to going out at 2.

If it works for me perhaps I can give them a pinch of salt.

(Bob M) #26

I would add in more magnesium and salt.

For potassium, are you talking about a blood level? Or a level calculated on paper?


Ask your doctor to check thyroid hormones. The urination, elevated heart rate and night sweats sound very much like it could be thyroid related. The tongue symptoms sounds like you could also have Lyme’s disease which would also fit into the thyroid issue hypothesis as Lyme’s disease often triggers thyroid autoimmunity like Hashimoto’s.

There is definitely something going on that needs to be looked at as soon as possible. Please go to the doctor.

(Omar) #28

In my case, the on going thirst/urination was almost gone after eliminating calcium rich food .

Urge to urinate and drink is the body trying to get rid of something diluted in the blood

What is it that thing the body is trying to remove should be at the center of searching. It could be glucose or calcium or whatever I don’t know.