Long term keto... Things keep changing

(Hyperbole- best thing in the universe!) #21

I think it has to go with the itty bitty waist an I ain’t got that.

(Jennibc) #22

Yes, I have just accepted that the lowest I may go is 147.5. While I’d like to fit back into all my old clothes (lowest I was at 21 was 139) it may not happen because of excess skin. It’s only a couple of skirts, a pair of pants and a couple of pairs of shorts but a 28 inch waist may not be in my future short of skin removal and I am not willing to go there. Thanks!

(Jennibc) #23

Thanks! It really does feel amazing to be back to a healthy weight in midlife after starting to rapidly gain in my late 20s. I feel so fortunate as to have stumbled across this way of eating. I have more energy than I have had since my early 20s and the best mental clarity and mood control I’ve ever had. I really think that final benefit has been THE thing that has kept me going. My vanity only motivates me so much, but to have inner peace, I can stay away from anything for that.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #24

Keep fasting, and the excess skin should be taken care of. According to Dr. Fung, at any rate.

(Dee) #25

Have you added exercise?

(Jennibc) #26

I have exercised my entire life. Never stopped. Didn’t keep me from gaining all that weight to begin with!

(Allie) #27

Can’t out exercise a bad diet, doesn’t matter how much anyone exercises if they’re messing their bodies up with bad food, or just too much of it.