Leg Cramps - What to do when you've tried everything?


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Try a heating pad. My wife has experienced the same. We have a heated mattress pad. Seems to help her. Heat increases blood circulation.

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Caveat: Alcohol consumption was assessed through a standardized food frequency questionnaire


I’m including this primarily because it has 28 references.

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Good work, I came upon the Strasbourg study concerning alcohol some time ago, but wasn’t aware of any studies relating to physical activity. Paradoxically, most people get cramps during long runs, if they get them at all (as I did in a recent half marathon and again a few days later) but I imagine that this has something to do with level of electrolytes available. Maybe alcohol reduces the availability of electrolytes, I certainly notice it if I drink more than one beer before a long run.
Very little is mentioned about exercise on this forum, a fact which I have remarked on in the past. This indicates to me that it is a weight loss forum and not a get healthy forum.

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Exercise is mentioned fairly often, but not as a technique for losing fat. Several studies have shown that it is not particularly useful in that regard. What usually happens is that people embark on a ketogenic diet, their health improves, they lose some fat, possibly put on some muscle, and they feel much more energetic and need to do something with that energy. There are studies that have shown an improvement in metabolic and mitochndrial health (the latter of which directly affects muscular efficiency) from exercise.

It also depends on what you consider “get healthy” to mean. I began ketogenic eating to deal with pre-diabetes, and over the course of the next seven or eight months, my glucose and insulin dropped, my blood pressure and heart rate dropped, my inflammatory markers normalised, my HDL went up, my triglycerides went down, my LDL went up slightly, my arthritis largely went away, my age spots lightened, my skin tags vanished, and my energy level significantly increased, relieving symptoms of chronic fatigue. All this happened without my exercising. Oh, and I lost around 80 pounds (36.4 kilos) of fat, as well (and evidently put on some muscle, because after my weight leveled out I continued to get thinner for about twelve months afterward)…

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Exercise is good for health. I’m afraid that’s it as far as I’m concerned.

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I eat keto for health. I lost about 35 pounds when I started and have maintained my overall weight of 145 pounds plus/minus a couple for 3 1/2 years. BF is about 14-15%. At my age (76 in a month) I’m not concerned about weight. My goal is to remain consistently in ketosis in order to derive max benefit from it. I think ketosis is the metabolic state we evolved/adapted to be in ‘most of the time’, which I interpret to mean 99%. I don’t engage in any exercise plan other than bicycling frequently, but I also have a very active full-time job.

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Getting back to leg cramps here’s what I’m trying now: deep ocean mineral water. Specifically, I’ve been drinking a couple cans of this stuff daily for a couple of weeks:


Unfortunately, this stuff is only available locally in one Asian supermarket chain here in Vancouver and I’ve already bought all of it in one of the stores. So don’t know how long I can rely on supply. I’ve read lately that the backlog of ships from Asia waiting to offload in North America is 3-6 months!

So option B is this stuff:


I tried it today added to a glass of orange/grapefruit flavoured carbonated water. Works OK, plus I have the advantage of knowing how much and exactly what minerals are in it. It’s also from Australia, but at least one bottle will last a long time @ 2 grams per glass of water.

I’ve also been taking a magnesium bisglycinate supplement (200mg capsules a couple times per day). I haven’t had any cramps since starting both the supplement and the carbonated ocean water extract. I do get ‘twinges’ usually when first arising in the morning if I didn’t drink my Himalayan salt water the day before. This mostly only happens on days off work. The supplement capsules will last a few more days, so I’ll soon find out whether the ocean minerals will take up the slack.