L Glutamine issues

(Bob M) #21

Brad from Fire in a Bottle seems to consider “starch” to be a better carb than, say, sugar, as he thinks starch can be used by many entities in the body, whereas something like sugar is 50% fructose, and has to be addressed by the liver.

Can’t say I agree or disagree, though I do have some quite high blood sugar excursions on my CGM data from “starch” such as Einkorn wheat bread and mashed potatoes (both with lots of butter). In THEORY, it seems that starch should be better than sugar or (high sugar) fruits, and it could explain why some peoples can eat tubers and the like with relative impunity.

(Old Baconian) #22

I’d agree with this much of his analysis, for sure. Fructose in any quantity does a lot of liver damage. All glucose does is overwhelm your system with advanced glycation end products (including glycated haemoglobin), stimulate hyperinsulinaemia, and get stored as triglycerides in adipose tissue.

(Ivy) #23

So confused – I thought MCT oil had calories, so would break a fasting?