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You wouldn’t recognize anything anymore. I can’t find an entry-level engineer anymore than can even do routing and subnetting, but they start at $150k

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All good here folks
Just passing through :+1:

…On my Commodore 64 :wink:

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You know, I never really paid attention to that stuff, though I did buy “green” drives (some of them, anyway). It’s hitting a moving target, really. And the density keeps getting higher, with different techniques for that.

What I do now is use SSDs for the main drives in my computers. I just built a home theater computer, and put an SSD in it. I also put in a larger drive (one 500 gb, one 1 Tb), but then disabled both, since I use my Unraid server for everything anyway.

What’s old is new. When I was at Honeywell way back, we had to make large boards that were coupled together through a “back plane”, which is basically a vertical board with slots in it, and the large boards plugged into the back plane.

That’s similar to what happens now, only the “back plane” is a network, and there are tons of (relatively) independent systems that are interconnected via a network instead of a back plane. It’s kinda like Unraid: if one goes down, another can replace it and the data (hopefully) won’t be lost.

What gets me is when I have to do something on my Unraid server, which has a flavor of Linux. When I have to start telnetting to my system, it takes me a while to remember how to do that. And I delay it as long as possible. For instance, my system refuses to shut down now, and I did enough research to figure out that I was going to have to telnet and do a bunch of other stuff, to kill a process that’s been running but is hidden. I of course have to find out which process.

So, that might be something I do at some point in the morning of my “vacation”, which I’ll be spending at home, before everyone else gets up.

I’m still anti-cloud for my own data, but I can see the benefit for a company. As long as it’s encrypted.

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And that’s why all the best clouds make encryption a service, too!

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