Keto green superfood? Help please

(Leslie) #2

I use spirulina powder and matcha concentrate in water everyday. I also eat roasted, salted sea weed which is easier to digest than even cooked land based veggies (according to my nutritionist).

Dr. Axe recommends purée-ing whatever you like and this has worked for my daughter with leaky gut. She combines hers with pumpkin or butternut squash for yummy flavor.

I hope you find you this helpful


Jessica, there are folks on here who avoid vegetables altogether, and you could look up Amber O’Hearn if you want to hear some pretty compelling arguments in favor of a carnivore diet. Personally I love and eat vegetables so that’s not my thing (at least right now) but if I were having issues with digestion, I would probably avoid them at least temporarily.

(Chris) #4

Bacon and green food coloring.

(Leigh Thomas) #5

I have this everyday even when fasting. It has a small amount of stevia in it but has no effect on my keto.

(Jessica Lavoy) #6



I use wheatgrass powder, it contains a lot of potassium and zinc and some magnesium.

(Raj Seth) #8

One word - :bacon:

Seriously, if the green leafy vegetables don’t suit you, don’t have them. They are not essential. Animal products, especially if you include organ meats, are nutritionally complete. Ask the Carnivore ZC group!

(Lonnie Hedley) #9

Like many of us, this could be your body telling you there isn’t as much good stuff you “need” in those leafy greens.

(Jessica Lavoy) #10

Its only been since the cdiff :frowning:

(Jessica Lavoy) #11

I miss salads so much :sob: I found some of this “amazing grass protien superfood” at the stor today I’m going to try it for a while since I been having a hard time keeping my protein up too. The ingredients and macros seem ok

(Raj Seth) #12

My advice - if you have to read the label on a cardboard box - something’s wrong in the choice. Eat real food. :meat_on_bone: :cut_of_meat: :bacon: :fried_shrimp::avocado: etc
Then you can read the nutrition in an app - or not :+1:

(Jessica Lavoy) #13

Did you read my post? I can’t eat the real food otherwise I wouldn’t be asking. It’s either supplement or don’t get the nutrients at all.

(Laurie) #14

As has been mentioned, blending/pureeing vegs is also supposed to make the nutrients more accessible and probably easier to digest as well, because it “chews” the food better than you can.

I buy Weber AllGreens Superfood, just because it’s a good price at my CostCo. I had trouble finding the nutrition info, but apparently it’s 5 carbs per serving. There is at least one brand of greens with keto in the name, with 1 carb or less; you can probably find it if you do an Internet search for keto greens.

The kind I buy also has fruity stuff like blueberry and acai, as well as stevia and a small amount of maltodextrin and saccharose (another name for ordinary sugar). Ew. I hate the fruity sweet flavor and have to mix it with a bit of V8 and lots of ginger to make it palatable. Just sayin. The “keto” brand has fruit and berries too.

Or you can make your own mix of spirulina and chlorella. These two ingredients provide different nutrients, so by combining the two you might cover most of the bases. They taste fishy but not too bad.

(Jessica Lavoy) #15

Thank you!

(What The Fast?!) #16

Eat some organ meat! organ meat > greens

(Jessica Lavoy) #17

Idk if I can stomach that knowing what it is. Do you have any recipes for a first timer lol

(What The Fast?!) #18

I’ve heard to mix it in with hamburger meat and it really masks the flavor. Also, beef heart is supposed to taste exactly like steak!

(Jessica Lavoy) #19

I will give it a try and hope I don’t psych myself out, I’m really good at that crap :confused:

(Raj Seth) #20

I am so sorry Jessica. My post kinda jumped a couple steps. I did read your post, and it seemed to be talking about issues with the leafy greens and vegetables. I was saying eat real foods, animal products, and don’t worry about getting the vegetable nutrients. All the nutrients you need are available from animal products, especially if you eat nose to tail - ie include organ meats as wel, and the nutrients are much more bio accessible- since another fellow animal kingdom member has already done the hard work of transitioning the nutrient from the plant kingdom.

Vegetables are optional, not essential!!

(Jessica Lavoy) #21

Oh okay that makes more sense to me sorry I thought you meant to eat the plants LOL. I’ve actually been doing small amounts of spinach here and there throughout the day and it’s been sitting okay for the most part not any huge amount maybe 5 to 10 leaves a couple times a day but I guess that is better than nothing.