Keto gives diabetes?

(Roy D Rushing Jr ) #21

I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that people with T2D often go on a ketogenic diet to address the disease, therefor a disproportionate number of keto people are T2D. The survey might read:

Are you diabetic?

Are you on the ketogenic diet?

Answer yes to both of those and someone might think that establishes a correlation. It’s the “firemen causing fires” fallacy all over again.

(CharleyD) #22

They never make a distinction between pathologic or peripheral IR.

And the “high fat” diet is usually 50% omega 6 seed oils, and near-50% sugars and starches.

(Barbara) #23

Click-Bait: it doesn’t have to be true or make any sense, it just has to entice people into clicking on it. Posters (I refuse to call them journalists!) are often paid by the number of clicks their posts get. Fake News makes some people handsome livings. It is hard to see the truths we know trashed by lies. But the more provocative an item is, the more clicks & shares it gets.

(David) #24

Yes you are right :slight_smile:

(bulkbiker) #25

No people were used in the study at all its just mice fed a really bad diet of vegetable oils…

(David) #26

You can prove anything, if you really want.

(David) #27

I don’t think it is click-bait, I think it is a study bought by some of the big industries that earns LOTS of money on carb based processed food, and the medical industries that earns even more because people get sick eating it.

(Hoteski) #28

What do they hope to achieve by saying this crap… Well done media… Well done in putting even more people on the wrong path to diabetes

(Sarah Bruhn) #29

So I took a look at the study (I normally would not because animal studies are not all that helpful and it’s not reproduced and only covers 150 rodents, so not great to begin with, certainly not newsworthy)
Taking a look at their method I noted the diet they used… macros were fine but when I looked up the provider of the premade diet I noted they do not use animal fats, so what sis they use?
Casein 173.3 +
DL-Methionine 2.6 + Ketogenic
Vegetable Shortening, hydrogenated (Crisco) 586.4 +
Corn Oil 86.2 +
Cellulose 87.97
Vitamin Mix, Teklad (40060) 13.0
Choline Bitartrate 2.5
TBHQ, antioxidant 0.13 +
Mineral Mix, Ca-P Deficient (79055) 20.0 +
Calcium Phosphate, dibasic 19.3 +
Calcium Carbonate 8.2 +
Magnesium Oxide

So to be brief, they fed mice (wrong species) a diet of 90% Chrisco (wrong diet) for 3 days… and then declaired that keto might cause diabetes. ( I am sure there is so much more wrong with this but that, I feel is enough to totally disreguard this)