Keto for my little dog?

(Robin) #21

I fed my dog a soup I made and always had on hand, for years. Basically chicken, veggies, broth and sometimes wild rice. He thrived on it.
I no longer eat that way. (Duh.) So neither does my dog.
He’s on regular dry dog food, plus table scraps.

The vet has never brought up his weight or diet.

(Denise) #22

I understand Robin, I’m just not comfortable with it so that’s why I’m checking things out.

(Robin) #23

Totally worth it. We want our little dogs (or big ones) to be as healthy as we are (trying to be).

(Denise) #24

I guess we can agree to disagree, for now anyway, if you want to Robin, as I am not sure dry dog food is the healthiest for my dog. Again, that’s why I’m looking into it. Maybe I misunderstood what you are saying too, but what I am thinking is that feeding Mimmie more real meat (I’m for cooked more than raw at this point) so I’ll wait for more input on that. Although I appreciate what’s been shared on it so far :wink:

One other thing, if I am understanding dry dog food, or canned, is that it is all processed. If I’m wrong, someone can correct me. But if processed is bad for me, than wouldn’t it be bad for her, or at the least, not the best??

(Denise) #25

Yes, I see the Physicians Formula pushed at my Vets Amanda. I will check out what your order, but I’m betting it’s pretty spendy. I’d just like to feed her the meats I eat. Mine are a little spendy but I live alone so don’t have a family to feed thank goodness. I don’t know how families are surviving these days :frowning:

Good to hear about your pets thriving as you are I’m sure :wink: I know I am so much better since finding Keto 17 or so months ago. Mimmie is healthy now, but I’m hearing more about pets getting coming down with diseases on processed foods (dogs, cats). It’s kind of a guessing game really as you hear both sides and have to make a choice.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #26

If she’ll eat them, they are probably fine. But don’t overdo the fat; we have a Labrador that gets sick when she eats too much fat.

We like it, and it’s cheaper than much of the beef at one of the large discount stores in our area. I’ve never had ground lamb, but would certainly be willing to try it.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #27

As with people food, it depends on what we mean by “processed.” Foods that have been traditional for millennia are probably safe, but anything that requires a factory to make is probably not. Simply cooking and canning is probably safe, and the articles I read suggest that dry dog foods with meat and a grain in them are probably okay, but the problem seems to arise with specialty dog foods, such as those containing exotic meats (kangaroo, etc.) or “grain-free” foods that replace the grains with legumes and other vegetables.

I learned with my rats that our animals should not follow trends in human dieting. Rats on a vegetarian diet don’t thrive, for example. On the other hand, they don’t need an all-meat diet, either. What they need is a diet that meets their nutritional needs, and that’s not a matter of ideology, but of known science. Like people, though, rats are hardy and can cope with diverse diets. Proper diet is far more important with chinchillas; deviate a little bit, and they will sicken and die.

(Robin) #28

Oh, I’m not disagreeing with you! Just passing along all the various things my dog has had to tolerate. I’m all for what you’re attempting!

(Denise) #29

I sensed that about that sausage, I mean it making her sick possibly, but wasn’t sure why I felt that way. The fat makes sense. I’ll stick to the lamb. I think I’ll thaw leave out like a patty of it to feed her a bit today with her kibble :wink: I’m gonna cook it in just a little EVOO, ya think?? This was cheaper and it’s popular with one lady that lives here that is careful with at least most of her foods :wink:

(Denise) #30

Ok, I did feel a bit like you thought maybe I wasn’t doing the best thing for Mimmie, so I just misunderstood Robin :wink: I’m just going to try some lamb with her regular food today, and see how she feels on it. It will be about a 1/4 of her regular 1/2 cup kibble serving :wink:

One thing about it, when I give her anything like egg, or a little of my meat in the past, she turns her nose up for like 24 hours on her kibble and I worry when she doesn’t eat at all so she’s been stuck with kibble only. Is that what kibble is, just dry dog food? You can tell I haven’t owned but one other little dog, and she lived a healthy life until she was 15 but got arthritis, hearing loss and vision loss ;(

(Denise) #31

sounds like I need to set up a lab Paul, I feel I’m back to square 1, but I’m thinking my dog food is pretty good, but kind of “meet in the middle here”, if, and that’s a pretty big IF Mimmie will still eat her kibble with some lamb mixed in for instance.

I’ll try that today. I’d really like to get a good second opinion on her dog food. I was getting another I tried once, I mean one bag of it, from Canada. I’ll show the link in case anyone knows of this place. They sound like such a wonderful place, maybe too good to be true :frowning:

I changed from this as I thought it was too expensive for me but I can afford it now if I decide to go this route. Feedback on this stuff appreciated

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #32

Yeah! I’m coming over to have dinner with Mimmie, lol!

The other possibility is that the egg or meat has satisfied her enough to last her for a while. The advantage of the dry food is that you can leave it out, and if she gets hungry, you can be sure she’ll eat it. We can’t do that in our house, because the cats and the dog will eat each others’ food.

(Bob M) #33

Well, I can’t quote on my phone. But if you read the one link, they said switching from one “strange” diet to another resolved it. And that article listed many different conundrums. What if it’s as simple as there are more dogs predisposed to cardiomyopathy? The dog business is booming now and for the last few years.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #34

Well, yes. The link I read talks about diet-related cardiomyopathy and non-diet-related cardiomyopathy, and says that a change in diet can resolve both. It’s taken me a while to realise that “diet-related” refers to a taurine deficiency, not to what the animal is actually eating.

But in any case, both diet-related cardiomyopathy and non-diet-related cardiomyopathy can be resolved by changing the animal’s diet. And the kicker is that the authors appear to see nothing ironical about that statement. :scream:

(Michelle) #35

Hi! I just did a Google search as I’m also considering this and came across your post :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Our ten-year-old JRT-cross has very itchy skin for 2/3 of the year (he’s fine in cooooold weather). I’ve been Carnivorish for nearly a month and experiencing improvement with inflammation so surely a mostly-meat based will be healing for Fizzy too.

I hope you find the attached article and website helpful. I sure did! All the best with your precious woofer.

(Denise) #36

I might let you sit at the table :grin:

That’s a good point, but something tells me she expects the goodie because I look at her and say “eat” like asking her isn’t she hungry, and she turns her head like “no way” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Everything has been fine since the quarter cup of lamb so I’ll add that again, well, I give it to her separate of her other food. I did yesterday anyway. I wanted to see if she’d like just eating the lamb on it’s own. Silly I guess to think she wouldn’t, she loved it but didn’t wolf it down, she’s rather lady-like about it, lol :wink:

I’m wondering if 1/2 a cup of any sort of food is the right about for her size??

(Denise) #37


I can’t figure out what 2.5% of a 8.6 lb dog is for the amount of food to eat? I mean first of all, the vet says she should way less than 7 lbs so she is over a bit, no ones perfect, I get that :wink: But when I do the calculation for example, 2.5 X 7.0 = 17.5. What is that like, 3 tablespoons!! She gets 8 per day now according to the bag directions for her weight on the Natures Recipe?

I’m doing something wrong in the math :crazy_face:

(Denise) #38

Yes, this is helpful Michelle, thank you, but I’m having trouble calculating it. I thought I was good at math but it isn’t making sense to me, yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Todd Allen) #39

7 lbs * 16 oz/lb * 2.5/100 = 2.8 oz

Small dogs tend to be more active and might need more, especially in cool weather when they lose body heat faster.

(Denise) #40

Oh thanks so much! So about maybe 3 oz. for her to be at her proper, or close to her best weight :wink: I’ve given her about 3.1 oz of the lamb, but also too much of the dry then for last two days, eek :wink: The dry weighs way less so maybe ok, she hasn’t blown up yet :sweat_smile:

She gets at least 30 minutes of walking a day. Not much area to let her run here, but that may change if I can figure how to rig a basket on my mountain bike I just got. They didn’t have anything to fit it, said I’d have to get something custom made. Doubt I could afford that, heck the bike was only 128 bucks, but suits my biking needs, saves on gas around town here :wink: