Is your cat on a carnivore diet?



I recently saw a video of a veterinarian that fed his cats a carnivore diet. He says most of his cat patients who followed it live to be 20+ years on this diet with minimal health issues. He also said that Oprah contacted him when one of her dogs got sick and he became her dog Sophie’s vet. I’ll try to find the video and the veterinarian’s name so you can do more research. I think you’re on the right track feeding your kitty carnivore and I hope he has a long healthy happy life! :rose:

(Sima Pierce) #22

I have my cat and all her kittens on a raw carnivore diet. I make my own but there are companies you can buy it premade from. Since I make two months worth at a time, it’s a lot of work one day every few months. Other then that it’s just twice a day feeding. I package in 8oz Betty crocker containers I got at the dollar store for .25 each. I store them in my freezer and keep one thawed and one thawing at all times.
Asking someone to cat sit is actual pretty easy since it’s not much different then canned food.

I think if someone is concerned about bacteria a sous vide would be the best option.

If anyone in Northern Colorado is interested, I’d love to rehome two of my kittens to a dedicated carnivore family.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #24

My vet (who is a Ketonist) says Cats are Carnivore, Pigs are Omnivore and Dogs eat whatever falls off our table.


Dogs eat plenty of other things though…
And (some) cats happily eat plants. They don’t seem to know they are obligate carnivores. I talked with them about it but they didn’t get it… Or they didn’t want to get it, you never knows it with cats.

Ours never were the crazy ones I heard about (obsession with tomato and spinach, not like I ever tried but cats steal food) but they gnawed on everything from bread (it has egg yolk wash on top…) and poppy seed rolls to pure boiled white rice (! NO animal content at all! it’s not good! why??? but that was our dumbest one) in the past but we are pretty good at hiding things when cats are inside now. Not perfect but pretty good. Today one has found the tiny vessel with 1g leftover butter on a inner windowsill, I had forgot about that…