Is there a difference between a blood glucose testing strip and a blood ketone testing strip?


I have to get blood into my fingertips by holding my hand down (toward the floor) and pressing/rubbing on the end of my finger (first joint) a few times. Basically, I wait until my finger is redder than normal. My mom is diabetic and that’s what she does. After you stick yourself, go back to pressing on the end of your finger. Also, go off to the side a little, not dead center.

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Thanks for the tips @Duncan_K and @Kyz, will give it another go!

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Warm hands are better than cold hands - if you really struggle sit your hands in some warm water for a minute and then try.

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If you’re interested in glucose status, ask your doc to write you a prescription for a Freestyle Libre continuous glucose monitor. The amount and quality of data you get (with no finger pricks) is amazing and can’t be matched by the finger-stick meters.

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You may be dehydrated, possibly. It cannot be understated to keep enough water in ones system. A good rule is drink half your weight in water ounces every day. I weigh 180 so I need about 90 ounces, that’s more than the standard 8 cups, 64 ounces a day. Why should someone 130 pounds, 180 pounds, 250 pounds more or less work the same way on 64 ounces of water? Anyway most people walk around in various states of dehydration. If one wants to bleed better and be more healthy, drink enough water, stay hydrated. The body is a factory, it needs lubrication, and water is a little acidic and perfect to drink. So I would need at 180 pounds 5.3 bottles of 16.9 ounces size, so I could get away with 5 or 6 bottles a day, and I bleed very well when I stick myself.

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I would think lancets are interchangeable - as long as its sterile & causes blood loss, it works. If you’re in to self-abuse, you could sterilize a sewing needle. :dizzy_face:

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That image! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Oh wow, after a bit of semi accurate mental arithmetic converting to kilos and litres I think I’m probably achieving only half that in fluid intake.

You’re probably right, I am often a bit dehydrated. In fact a couple of years ago a nurse struggled to get any blood out of my arm for some cholesterol tests and said I should drink a couple of glasses of water in the hour before the test. I’ve done that ever since and it’s come out easily! I should apply the same logic to finger pricking I guess!


I bought the Ketoguru, and used it on my first fast. However, it only came with ten strips. When I checked on Amazon about getting a few more, I couldn’t find a specific, dedicated Ketoguru product, even when I searched using the specific brand number.

Has anyone else had this problem? I’m tempted to go to a brick and mortar store down the road that sells a blood testing meter because I know I can buy the strips easily from the shop.

Any advice?

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Doesn’t the manufacturer sell additional strips? Surely the people at Ketoguru could tell you how to obtain more.