Interesting biological chemist's critique of Cummins' Data


I like watching Ivor Cummins videos while I eat my breakfast scrambled eggs.

He gets so frustrated that people can’t comprehend the way he contextualises the data.

But I am still a fan, and enjoy his thinking and problem solving approach. I think he has got it pretty much right.

The objectivity of using human deaths just as numbers in statistics is difficult to swallow for me, as I am in my dotage becoming more fascinated by the Humanities, rather than the Science.

I will agree with @ctviggen Bob that people are dying and that is terrible for anyone in the impact zone. Can’t agree that the virus will overwhelm everything. But do agree that where there are humans in contact with humans, the virus will eventually meet with all of us. Best that we be ready and as resilient as we can make ourselves.

These are some of my opinions and biases. Great to see you all mentally wrestling with these complex and intricate issues. Keep going.

(bulkbiker) #42

Indeed which is because these respiratory diseases are seasonal… as we go into winter people catch things… flu’s , pneumonia and yes COVID. I’ve never said it doesn’t exist just that its “lethality” and “infectiousness” have been wildly over emphasised.
Shutting down the whole nation for a second time (although possibly less stringently than before) just as the infections and deaths appear to be topping out (or at least not “exponentially” increasing) seems overkill and will likely kill more than it saves.