I think my husband is allergic to erythritol

(Bacon enough and time) #22

Sugar alcohols tend to have “digestive effects,” to put it euphemistially. Maltitol seems to affect everyone the most.

Amazon used to sell a five-pound bag of sugar-free Gummi Bears from Haribo, sweetened with maltitol. They stopped selling the product years ago, but left up the customer reviews for a long time. I don’t know if they’re still up, but they were screamingly funny! :rofl::rofl:

(Bob M) #23

Yes, for me, maltitol is evil. I avoid it.

It’s too bad about erythritol, though, as it does taste similar to real sugar, at least to me.


How much did he consume in his coffee? Start off with a small amount at first. Most Stevia products sold contain very little stevia leaf and are about 99% erythritol. Stevia Select Pure Organic has no erythritol. Better yet, avoid all sweeteners.

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Yeah, I read those too. The one College student should have gotten some kind of credit in his English Writing class for that one. I still giggle about it when it comes to mind. He was downright hilarious!

And to keep with the thread, yes, erithrytol messes up my tummy too. I’ve switched to nothing but allulose at this point and no problems. I rarely use it, but if I want to make a sweet for me or my hubby, it’s my go-to.

I tried liquid Stevia too. I could still taste it in my mouth over 4 hours later. That is a strong NO! :wink:

(Bob M) #26

So, this weekend I tried some Rebel ice cream, which has a lot of erithrytol in it. Man, did I have issues: gas; got up multiple times to go to the bathroom; etc. It’s either eat regular ice cream, which causes me no issues, or figure out some combination of fake sugars that is similar. I know when that I made some of my own ice cream, I used at least 3 sugars (I think erithrytol, monk fruit, and allulose), and I can’t remember having digestive issues.

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I have made “almost ice cream” using cream cheese, heavy whipping cream and stevia drops… sweet leaf brand, none of those problematic sweeteners. Sometimes freeze it, sometimes eat it more like. Pudding. No issues whatsoever.


I still bravely make ice cream without sweetener (I made a portion today. I don’t want ice cream, I just had to do something with my whipped cream before I eat it up all)… :smiley: I may add erythritol or xylitol or coconut sugar or banana later (it doesn’t matter much which if I just want to keep my carbs extreme low. I am still against sugar so I probably choose one of the first 2) but I am training myself :slight_smile: And my chosen woe is carnivore-ish so yeah. No sweetener if possible.

@robintemplin: I only could get cream cheese that isn’t mascarpone not so long ago so I am still a newbie to cook with it but I see many recipes, I will try them out! Maybe even this one, I had good experiences with mixing dairy. Mascarpone and sour cream is pretty good too (with vanilla. almost all of my desserts have vanilla), reminds me of an old vanilla pudding from my childhood. I loved it.
I have a box of cream cheese, it’s my 2nd in my life, the first was too good so I just snacked on it alone…