I stopped tracking..and geez!

(Sue Kitchell) #41

I stopped tracking a few months ago and gained some weight after I lost weight being on strict Keto. I lost a total of 19 pounds and I gained 9 pounds back. Bummer! I started tracking again but I have been a bit less restrictive. I lost 5 pounds of the 9 I regained but it is slow. I am ok with that. Anyway…I am probably a person that needs to track and document, weigh/measure everything. I mean everything! Like now, I want a huge couple of tablespoons of Perfect Keto Nut Butter but I can not justify that right now. I keep looking at my daily log on Cronometer and will decide my fate. I wish I can be like you, but right now i prob need to be accountable and count everything. It works for me even though it is a bit exhausting. I am happy for you. Happy Keto!

(Sue Kitchell) #42

Hey Paul, I actually get better results from tracking and I wish it were the opposite. But I will forge on with Keto regardless what I need to do to be successful. Tracking is exhausting but I really like knowing what I put in my mouth and it works. I gain weight when I eat instinctively. This is not a Diss on me but right now I prob need tighter control and want to for health reasons. have a great night!

(Sue Kitchell) #43

I wish that I could do that. Good for you! I did that and I gained 9 pounds back over several months. So back to measuring and logging everything. Lost 5 pounds and 4 more to go. I do not think that I overeat but certainly need to watch what I put in my mouth.


Yep, I’m just the same. I think this tends to be more true for women, especially as we get past middle age (though there are plenty of women who don’t track). We just need to keep a tighter lid on things to lose weight, especially if we’re otherwise healthy. I’m not an emotional eater, but I have zero f’in will power. Of course it’s way easier on keto than any other way of eating, but tracking gives me an external monitor. Otherwise, it becomes way to easy to lie to myself or just be clueless. Hopefully, I won’t need it so much when I reach my goal, but for now I sure do.

(Adam Sheather) #45

Keep at it girls. If you have worked out tracking is what you need to do then more power to you - whatever works for you is what’s important.

(Scott) #46

No I must make the entire world do what works for me because I can then scientifically prove that I am right! JK :crazy_face:

(Adam Sheather) #47

You can’t have proof unless you wear a white coat though! Wearing glasses with your coat gets you even more street cred. :sunglasses::wink:

(Scott) #48

Do I max out if I wear a pocket protector too?

(Adam Sheather) #49

That is some practical shirt right there! :wink:

(Susan) #50

After months of not tracking, going off plan and seeing the weight creep up, I am tracking my meals and weighing myself again. I hope it helps me stick to my plan better.

(Lorena) #51

Whelp…I stopped tracking for 2 weeks. My pants got tighter so WTF. I am afraid to get on the scale! I am more confused than ever I guess. We’ve had to go out of town for long weekends for business and I eat out more often but I’m good at choosing meats, salads with blue cheese and veggies but I’ve really pared down the veggies since I started 4 months ago. I rarely eat cheese and opt for olive oil and vinegar for my salad dressing when I’m home. I’m discouraged and wonder if I just cannot eat high fat. Something is not right with me. My carbs are well under 20g always, I’ve successfully IF for 18 hours. I do a bullet proof coffee with a tsp of butter and a good squirt of MCT oil with some unsweetened almond milk around 9am but then don’t have my first meal until 12-12:30. I will not start eating carbs. I guess I’m just discouraged.

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Maybe experiment with not drinking your fat. Just stick to black coffee. Some people find the bullet proof coffee stalls them or even causes weight gain. Still eat to satiety, but eat your energy rather than drinking it.

(Lorena) #53

I will try that today, thanks. I am wondering if I need to get back to my exercise. I’ve been super busy lately and have not made time for myself that way.

It’s weird that I’ve had this experience. I was eating to satiety while not tracking. When I was tracking I dictated how much of everything I ate and was sometimes a little over the satiety point but I was getting some progress. I don’t know…story of my life haha


Some people are successful with winging it, but that doesn’t make it right for everyone. There are a lot of us that track. We know that we need to continue to do this to meet weight loss goals, and that’s okay.

It’s totally possible that you’re eating too much fat. Hard to know if you’re not tracking, right? But tighter pants seems like a good indication. There could be several other reasons, but again without knowing what you’re eating, it’s hard for you to really know. Maybe you’re under-eating.

My bottom line on this is always that if you’re meeting your goals (weight loss, disease management, whatever) and not tracking, then great! But if you’re not, then you probably need to at least gather some information about you are doing and help you pick some changes and then gather some information about whether you follow those changes and see if that makes a difference. In other words, track.

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I have never been a tracker. I started doing keto halfway, then gained 3 lbs. I really looked at what was in the keto recipes, how many carbs/fat each ingredient had, then just ate those ingredients I decided were worth it. I knew that if I had to track, I would be done. I just kick in a few extra fat bombs a day, and I am good. I am down 27 lbs, and I think I may be done losing, but I’m good where I am! Never quitting though, I love this food!

(Mame) #56

So true! I know myself, and if I don’t weigh myself then I invariably gain weight. That’s is what is true for me. I do not get stressed out by the day to day number, I map out the trend and look at my 7 day average.

Some people find the scale is not their friend. They know what works for them and they avoid it.

This is the key for me. If I am not meeting my goals then I change something up. In the most gentle way possible. It can be do frustrating though our bodies can be (are) so opaque.

I don’t track macros because I find it too stressful and I know stress is really hard on my body. But someday I may do so if only for self-knowledge.

If only one way worked for everyone. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: but that just doesn’t happen.


older thread but no track here…just some thoughts.
I applaud the OP!
it drove me insane. tracking ruined me. it made me NOT want to change.

In fact I walked toward something I never had to friggin’ track. extreme low carb and carnivore. it was a natural path for me personally.

I do stellar on no tracking. Life is all about protein and fat only. I can do that easily :slight_smile: and get the best darn results from what I want out of it and the best darn life I can achieve.


I love not tracking but even if I do it (I need it on keto because all my food has more than minimal amount of carbs and I tend to eat much, at least sometimes), I have most of these. I have a calorie goal range but I don’t worry if I occasionally go below or above, we aren’t robots.

Some people need tracking, others are just curious or want to be safe and it’s annoying or even fully wrong for some (being obsessed is obviously bad). I find it useful to do first, not everyone can eat very little carbs from day one, then it depends. Long-term tracking sounds hell to me but many people do that too.
I find planning super helpful but we should be flexible. I didn’t eat all my planned meal today but I included them in my plan to see if my carbs will be fine even if I eat them as I usually do.
If someone surely eat little enough carbs, proper amounts, not too little, not too much, enough protein and so on, tracking isn’t needed. That’s the ideal way IMO, I will do that for maintenance for sure (and probably will accidentally go out of ketosis now and then but that’s fine).