I stopped tracking..and geez!

(Sue Kitchell) #41

I stopped tracking a few months ago and gained some weight after I lost weight being on strict Keto. I lost a total of 19 pounds and I gained 9 pounds back. Bummer! I started tracking again but I have been a bit less restrictive. I lost 5 pounds of the 9 I regained but it is slow. I am ok with that. Anyway…I am probably a person that needs to track and document, weigh/measure everything. I mean everything! Like now, I want a huge couple of tablespoons of Perfect Keto Nut Butter but I can not justify that right now. I keep looking at my daily log on Cronometer and will decide my fate. I wish I can be like you, but right now i prob need to be accountable and count everything. It works for me even though it is a bit exhausting. I am happy for you. Happy Keto!

(Sue Kitchell) #42

Hey Paul, I actually get better results from tracking and I wish it were the opposite. But I will forge on with Keto regardless what I need to do to be successful. Tracking is exhausting but I really like knowing what I put in my mouth and it works. I gain weight when I eat instinctively. This is not a Diss on me but right now I prob need tighter control and want to for health reasons. have a great night!

(Sue Kitchell) #43

I wish that I could do that. Good for you! I did that and I gained 9 pounds back over several months. So back to measuring and logging everything. Lost 5 pounds and 4 more to go. I do not think that I overeat but certainly need to watch what I put in my mouth.


Yep, I’m just the same. I think this tends to be more true for women, especially as we get past middle age (though there are plenty of women who don’t track). We just need to keep a tighter lid on things to lose weight, especially if we’re otherwise healthy. I’m not an emotional eater, but I have zero f’in will power. Of course it’s way easier on keto than any other way of eating, but tracking gives me an external monitor. Otherwise, it becomes way to easy to lie to myself or just be clueless. Hopefully, I won’t need it so much when I reach my goal, but for now I sure do.

(Adam Sheather) #45

Keep at it girls. If you have worked out tracking is what you need to do then more power to you - whatever works for you is what’s important.

(Scott) #46

No I must make the entire world do what works for me because I can then scientifically prove that I am right! JK :crazy_face:

(Adam Sheather) #47

You can’t have proof unless you wear a white coat though! Wearing glasses with your coat gets you even more street cred. :sunglasses::wink:

(Scott) #48

Do I max out if I wear a pocket protector too?

(Adam Sheather) #49

That is some practical shirt right there! :wink:

(Susan) #50

After months of not tracking, going off plan and seeing the weight creep up, I am tracking my meals and weighing myself again. I hope it helps me stick to my plan better.