HOW TO: Swear

(Lucrecia) #21

Extremely fucking interesting. Bring on the expletives people!


When a post is quoted the blur disappears:

(eat more) #23

which makes sense…
since a quote is just a copy and the tags don’t show :slight_smile:

(Adam L) #24

i don’t get it - looks like a flaw in the system to me. Would be better if the blurring stayed when a post is quoted, it would maintain the intent and respect for others the original poster applied to the post. I’m no technical expert but looking at how slick & smart this forum is I’m surprised it works the way it does. Someone quoted something I said one time & I was a bit shocked to see my blurred swearing had been laid bare for all to see, it kind of defeats the purpose of having such a great feature (blurring). @dudes @Fiorella (first admin name that came to mind) is this something the people that run the system could look at and fix?

(Cindy) #25

I’d love an option where I can don’t have to unblur individually. Bring on the swear words! I can handle it. :grinning:

(Jacob Wagner) #26

I wouldn’t, Carrots are high in sugar :slight_smile:


(Jacob Wagner) #27

The quoter can re-blur it, but they need to specifically do so.


(Lex (Sydney, NSW)) #28

Bloody hell I had to practice this!! New user today and I don’t mind the occasional swear word but I know some people can’t fucking stand it and that’s ok too…

(Lex (Sydney, NSW)) #29

It really does work!



cool. it works. :grin:

Now I can use my regular language again. :grin::grin:

(Kat Klavon) #31

OMG, this is brilliant! This is how to be inclusive. :blush: fucking brilliant!

(Hoby Bradfield) #32

Like this?

Holy spoiler alert! It works!!!

(Sue Heelan) #33

Funny, even if I don’t have any clue how to make it work. Fark.

(Sue Heelan) #34

Lol I worked it out!!

(Running from stupidity) #35

Can we turn this off per user for reading? I mean, what difference does it make if I see the word or the blurring that says it’s a naughty (in US terms, usually) word? I find it breaks the flow for me as I’m working out what they typed…


So when I tried that I didn’t get a cog or gear button to click on. Couldn’t we just do F. As in what the F, or I F’ed up or ars instead of u know. Why are we still so worried about offending these people when it doesn’t matter what you say they will still be offended. Just tell them to suck it up and quit being a baby. We’re just creating more Sissy’s

(Running from stupidity) #37

We aren’t. We are just being considerate.

[spoiler](Deletes obvious political comment in light of above claim :-)[/spoiler]