HOW TO: Swear

(Lucrecia) #21

Extremely fucking interesting. Bring on the expletives people!


When a post is quoted the blur disappears:

(eat more) #23

which makes sense…
since a quote is just a copy and the tags don’t show :slight_smile:

(Adam L) #24

i don’t get it - looks like a flaw in the system to me. Would be better if the blurring stayed when a post is quoted, it would maintain the intent and respect for others the original poster applied to the post. I’m no technical expert but looking at how slick & smart this forum is I’m surprised it works the way it does. Someone quoted something I said one time & I was a bit shocked to see my blurred swearing had been laid bare for all to see, it kind of defeats the purpose of having such a great feature (blurring). @dudes @Fiorella (first admin name that came to mind) is this something the people that run the system could look at and fix?

(Cindy) #25

I’d love an option where I can don’t have to unblur individually. Bring on the swear words! I can handle it. :grinning:

(Jacob Wagner) #26

I wouldn’t, Carrots are high in sugar :slight_smile:


(Jacob Wagner) #27

The quoter can re-blur it, but they need to specifically do so.


(Lex (Sydney, NSW)) #28

Bloody hell I had to practice this!! New user today and I don’t mind the occasional swear word but I know some people can’t fucking stand it and that’s ok too…

(Lex (Sydney, NSW)) #29

It really does work!



cool. it works. :grin:

Now I can use my regular language again. :grin::grin: