How’s your poop?


What percentage of fat do you eat? I was eating 70% fat (by calories) on carnivore for therapeutic reasons, but it was a catastrophe (terrible sticky poop impossible to clean). I waited for it to get better, it never did until I started cholestyramine. Now i’m trying keto instead of carnivore (less fat), hoping that wiill help too.

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Seventy-thirty fat-protein by calories is equal weights of fat and protein. I just eat the fat that comes with the meat, and if it seems lean, I put a pat or two of butter on it. That’s a very satisfying way to eat.

I used to eat a lot of salt, but I just can’t tolerate as much salt on carnivore as I did on keto, so the extra fat helps prevent constipation. This was a suggestion from Dr. Anthony Chaffee. His experience is that the liver makes enough bile to absorb all the fat we need, leaving the extra to be excreted in the faeces. This keeps them from drying out and becoming hard. I find it really works for me, too. Of course, on carnivore I notice that there is much less to excrete, so bowel movements don’t need to be so frequent, which also helps.


Both normal keto and carnivore can be done with little or very high fat (in some cases they may be even needed), it’s not about the plants :slight_smile: (Of course, they may play an indirect role in your case. I have this too but in the opposite direction.)
I do 60-70% fat on both. On any woe, actually, high-carb included though I don’t do that anymore. It’s some instinct from my part though I could eat way fattier if I needed it.


Very interesting. I wish the fat would work that way for me. Well, it kind of did because I wasn’t constipated, but what I had was worse than constipation (the afore-mentioned sticky poop). Not sure the bile acid was working correctly for me either, as I only got relief from the sticky stools by taking cholestyramine, which works by binding with bile acids. Of course, who knows how much of my malfunctions are a result of my multiple sclerosis?


Interesting, thanks.