How much should I listen to my body?


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I cant really eat breakfast at work as I work in a dirty environment with chemicals, seeds and dust.
I technically can go to our little hut whenever i want, but i could only eat something that i could cram in my face in one go. i couldnt prepare a meal and sit down.

I do like to get up early as I get more done. That is wheni work out, walk the dogs and have some time to myself before the kids get up.


I think it’s pretty common (at least with food, not with water. I never even heard anyone who doesn’t drink right away, not like I discussed it with many). My SO is the same. He can’t eat breakfast right away so he has it at 6am at his workplace on workdays. It was tricky first as he has a dirty workplace and he worked in dirty gloves between bites but now he arrives early and eat first and put on his gloves and get dirty later.
Breakfast never was my thing but I have it right, I don’t eat it and all is well. Weakness and dizziness comes much later than even my late lunchtime.
Maybe this is temporal and your body and mind will figure it out…?


Yes I hope so.
I always think that a change is going to have the answers, but maybe it will just take a bit more time.

P.s. I can drink water in the morning. But not enough that I feel is a hydrating amount. Just enough to take any supliments. But if I glug a glass down I will feel it sloshing around for half an hour.
But as soon as I get to work ill drink a litre between 8 and 9.


Thanks Bob, that is super helpful.
I’m looking into a CGM as I’ve got a couple of possible T2 symptoms and am guilty of putting my head in the sand.


That was one of the bigger contributors to destroying my metabolism!

Nope! It’s because you’re like a huge amount of people that it doesn’t work for.

Like every other machine, you need fuel to go!

You can, because humans can do that, but is “survive” what you want to do? Or do you want to thrive?

If you want to skip breakfast simply for time or the eating (physically) just doesn’t appeal to you first thing in the AM, do a shake. I regularly do a whey shake with usually MCT powder, some peanut butter if it’s not too early to use a blender (I get up between 0200-0400) or sometimes if it’s a vanilla I could throw some berries or something in there, but I’m usually all about chocolate. Down a breakfast’s worth of protein and fats in about 15sec.

If you did want to truly skip breakfast, throw some C8 MCT Oil Powder in your coffee, that’s all brain fuel and should keep you good for a while, and unlike the oil it acts like a creamer in coffee so you may/may not even need cream in there, I usually still put a little. But if you do make sure you’re not undereating at lunch and dinner.


Yes, I’ve found bullets teas and coffees…they get me up and going.

I don’t do every day, because there’s no need to.
But yes, sometimes.


No, definitely not, I wasn’t referring to BPCs specifically, those although tasty are a complete waste of calories, I just meant MCT powder itself since its fuel and acts as a creamer. Winds up being the same as a normal coffee with cream but with the extra kick.


OK…I got what you mean.


yes you did in a way.

it has combo interests to it that suit your journey.

dizzy and weak is not waiting to adapt. it is you are not eating enough food issue.

can I ask WHY did you go to 2 meals per day off your 6 or so you were eating? Did you force this change?

another thing is nuts and chicken salad ain’t real food HAHA What you need to do is if you want no breakfast food, what do you want and when? Fry up a big old cheeseburger and take it to work and can ya heat it up or of course you can eat it cold but key being food is your life to your body. The meat protein and fats will heal and repair and re-balance hormones and take you to better health but when it requires food to do all this work, it requires food and it shows you that you aren’t giving it enough thru weak and more light headed, that is a sign to eat!!

5 wks is early. to me it sounds like you are not eating enough food point blank. I say eat all you want when you want, keep that focus on meat/fat intake, the carbs is ‘what gives the belly full bloat’ and I can say I can inhale a 1.5-2 lb ribeye steak and never feel that ‘icky full Thanksgiving day horrible gut stuffed feeling’ if I eat no carbs so…what you eat is a key on how well you do eat thru the day.

think of it like this, your car is saying it will sputter on low to 0 gas. your body is showing you the sputter thru light headed, weak and it says FILL me up WHEN I show you this. You put 1 gallon of gas in your car you go a short amt of time and sputter comes again, not a long ride on low fuel…you put in 10 gallons of gas and your car will drive smooth, efficient and longer as it should til the next fill up :slight_smile:

I am not a morning eater, never was but when my first meal time hit, I ate like a hound dog, BIG FOOD and if you can do that, that is how most will do best.

it is tough in work environments but if you got a break room, bring a cooler of darn great meats you love and more and ‘have that break you deserve’ at work and EAT! sometimes it is tough to fit our eating personality into our day thru our work schedule etc, but you do that, yea you will find you will be alot better faster. take care of you, won’t take alot of time in your day for a great meal, but you do that, it means you show your value to you and your body and you will start to change even more into great benefits and feeling better longer and all of that stuff when you get longer on plan.

you are putting too much ‘dieting info’ into this change. Key is friggin’ eat and eat well and even if ya don’t want much NOW when you do want it, eat super well til happy as a clam…that is what changes us if we let the body direct us :slight_smile:

wishing you the best and always rememeber, eating and food intake is what heals and changes us, restriction and scheduled food intake and all the dieting baggage is what ruined us.


i do need to get some of this MCT oil powder.

I really cant even throw down a shake at that time. I do often have a shake as a breakfast, but i still cant have it within 90mins of waking.

but you are right about surviving and thriving. I was hoping i could skip it, but in the bigger picture, being fitter and healthier is a possitive enough change.


I guess i was doing it because lots of people were talking about OMAD and I thought that was the goal for me. I realise that is not realistic for me at the moment. Being on a tight budget, I wanted to use Keto to kill my diabetes, lose weight, get fit, build muscle, control hungry, spend less time in the kitchen by only having to prep 1 meal a day, save money buy buying less ingredients and 100 other magic things.
I really did start keto wrong. But feel i am on a better track now.

yes, that is the direction I am moving. I cant afford steak. But I am mostly eating sausage without fillers, chicken, cheese, pork and mince beef. When they are lean I am adding mayo, cheese, oils. I know its not totally ideal but I am making sure I hit the macros, then I will fix the quality issue when I can afford it.

Yeap, I am eating as much as I can afford at the moment. Cooking in bulk a little more so I have more things I can grab and microwave.
My tupperware collection has taken over a whole cupboard now.
Thanks, Im enjoying the journey.

(Robin) #32

Slow and steady wins the race. I now do OMD and went from keto to carnivore… but it was not my intent… I just began with simple plan… stay under 20g carbs a day. That was 2 years ago.

As a newbie, I wondered if I should be striving for more “advanced” approaches. Someone here told me to take it as it comes… naturally.
I know people who jump into the deep end and do fine. I needed to become adapted to swimming first.

To each their own. But there is no pressure to do anything more than basic keto and what works for you. Keep it simple and follow your body’s lead.