How many times…


Yup! My “full switch” got left out at the factory! I can eat from when I wake up until I go to bed. Only exception there’s ever been is when I was fasting a lot, which wrecked my metabolism, so that’s out! I beat it out when I need to with drugs now, all I got. At some point the floodgates open, and I can either feed the beast, go to bed, or medicate that away ahead of time.

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It was 40 total

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So. Was going through the thousands of pictures (yes, thousands) on my phone, deleting various screenshots and duplicates and came across one from five years ago—it’s both encouraging and distressing to me. I had done so well, and then let it slip away…trying to hold on the encouraging part! Now to figure out how to share that photo, lol

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Ok — almost have it figured out, see my photo from 2017 to the right of where I’m typing, but don’t why it doesn’t show in this “reply box”. Just when I think I’m getting tech savvy stuff like this happens, lol :upside_down_face: Didn’t remember getting under 220, that’s amazing to me now.

edit it worked! And now I see where it’s to the right of where I type, didn’t notice that earlier, oh well