How did you discover keto and this forum?

(Eve) #21

I had blood tests that showed l wasn’t digesting carbs properly so was advised to go very low carb for a while and when l started googling to find out what to eat and not eat, l came across the keto diet. I read up on it and liked when l read, and then soon after, found this forum - for which l am very grateful, thankyou everyone xxx

(Sybella) #22

It’s been a long journey and I really can’t remember


I discovered this way of eating through research and practice of fasting. I found the forum from watching @Geoffrey on Dav Mac’s YouTube channel.

(Geoffrey) #24

Why thank you Miranda.

(Pete A) #25

I did Atkins in the early 80s and was successful during indunction, but not maintenance (adding foods back).

I decided 6.5 years ago to lose weight that way again and stay on the indunction phase. It worked, After I lost the weight I randomly found this site, never knowing about “keto” and have been here ever since. And am still on indunction haha

(Alec) #26

I am somewhat ashamed to say that I first found keto through watching a certain Eric Berg. That led to 2 Keto Dudes podcast, and that led to here.

I gave up Mr Berg very quickly, but I only gave up listening to the 2 Keto Dudes because they stopped. If they still made podcasts I would listen to every one. And these forums… I am like a moth to a light.

(KM) #27

Almost identical story here. The Atkins stuff just kept on talking about how to gradually reintroduce carbs and the last time around, I finally had the aha moment and thought, “Good grief, I finally identified the problem foods, why the heck would I add them back???”

At that point, maybe 6 years ago, I discovered my idea had a name.

(Allie) #28

Through laziness, cooking just meat and realising the fat was melting off me then researching and finding it was a thing… and I found this forum on Google after reading others on A N Other keto forum complaining about what some people here were telling them, never have figured out why they were complaining so much. Longest time I’ve ever spent on any forum.


I was looking for best Guidance on how to start keto…and really excited to know everything i should know about keto diet & ketogenic lifestyle. That’s why i am here…

Actually i am finding keto instant recipes that i can cook in 10 minutes…in my busy schedule.

(Robin) #30

I saw my 6’6” ex-husband and he was once again long and lanky like “back in the day”. He happily educated me on keto.
I probably just got lucky and found this forum while googling keto forums.


I was very overweight, sick, and unhealthy for over 20 years. I had just had a surgery to remove 3 parathyroid tumors that had robbed me of a quality life for the prior six years. I was so relieved to get those things out of me and wanted to keep doing whatever I could to keep getting better in all ways. Nutritionists in the recent past never helped me well and their diets were not sustainable at all. So a couple months later I became determined to find a diet that would be sustainable so I could lose all the weight and keep my new found health going. It was between the Mediterranean diet and Keto.I spent a week lightly researching both. I was successful with Atkins 25 years ago so I chose the low carb route and started to do deeper research.

The week I started I was using My Fitness Pal to track. I was having a headache with the databases and entering my own recipes so switched to Carb Manager. Their chat feature leaves a lot to be desired but I was still able to connect and start asking questions. The problem was answers from that forum are all over the place and it’s hard to discern what’s really good info and what isn’t. So I searched internet for other groups and found one on Reddit and this one.

I went right to the newbie section on here and started to read, and like the dork that I am took notes too, a lot of them! :joy: It answered ALL my questions and put me on the best footing I could have been. Now two years and two months later I’m going strong and can’t imagine eating any other way. I’m down about 45 lbs but still have 20-25 more to go. I’m off all prescription meds. I love my diet and I have always been thankful for how this forum helped me to be successful.