High fibre diet study.... Thoughts?

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I agree and I suspect Kelloggs et al are running a bit scared with the popularity of keto and that it looks like catching on in a big way.
This article will make sure people start eating cereals again. This morning on BBC breakfast a nutritionist showed a nice bowl of that horrid brown cereal to be eaten with an apple and banana. Later on on Radio 4 Michael Mosely weighed in with his opinions too.

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My digestion does not operate well at all with any amount of fiber. Removing it from my diet in ALL forms fixed this.

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I started Keto following Mark Sisson’s advice to eat a big ass salad with every meal. God, how I grew to hate them! I now have a tiny arse (I am English) salad a couple of times a week and a small bit of broccoli and perhaps some mushrooms. Digestion much, much better and no longer have to run to the loo 5 times a day. I have seen a lot of Dr. Georgia Ede’s videos and think that she is perfectly correct in her opinion of veg.

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How much veg does Dr Ede eat/recommend?

It may be that high fibre can be unpleasant on your digestion as well as being healthy in other ways, such as those inferred by the study.

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But does it need 30g a fibre a day, because I can’t see that. The whole premise seems reliant on fortified and industrialised food production that we never used to have, so how did we manage beore cornflakes and muesli? Veg alone wouldn’t cut it, unless you eat a metric ton of the stuff and I doubt that - assuming you grew up in a place that had that amount and variety thereof

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In her talk at Low Carb USA, she says it’s person to person variation. Experiment around , if I’m remembering her talk correctly. She only was eating 5 types of vege in 2017 and by the summer of 2018 zero vegetables and all carnivore with good results

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Yes, I agree with you about the fibre. Dr. Ede I don’t think eats much veg at all but I am sure that she thinks people are different and should find their own tolerance. That is the problem with the article - it treats all people the same.

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But fibre isn’t one of them.


I’m very suspicious of food that comes from a factory. I don’t take any fiber supplements. But I don’t think it is hard to get 30g of fiber from whole foods. My diet is heavy in avocados, coconuts, nuts, seeds, and veggies.

Using numbers from the link below, 30g of fiber could be achieved by eating 1 avocado + 2 cups of brussel sprouts + 1 oz of chia seeds. I could easily eat this over the course of a day while maintaining a state of ketosis.

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Avocados are about 9g fibre each. Unfortuantely they are also not cheap. YMMV.

WE can’t all eat 3 of those a day.

Other veg is about 1g an ounce, very roughly speaking. Getting 30g from leafy green veg is a tall order.


Chia Seeds are 34% fiber, Dark Chocolate (70-90%) is 11% fiber, LSA mix is 98% fiber. Plenty of keto fiber options.

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What is LSA mix?

I’m not convinced - personally - eating dark chocolate is a good idea as it does have sugar and carbs.


LSA is a mix of lindseed, sunflower seeds and almond meal. Amongst other things I use it to make keto friendly crackers.

In moderation, a square or two of dark chocolate once in a while (especially 85-90%) fits well within keto’s <20g carb parameters.

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Sure, but then pointless if doing it for fibre.


I eat at (not below) my carb tolerance. I am not diabetic, I am interested in optimal health. So my vegetable repertoire extends beyond leafy greens. I aim for the Wahl’s Protocol’s 9 cups of veggies (3 cups of greens + 3 cups of sulfur rich + 3 cups of colored). Within my usual 6 hour eating window, this can be a bit of a stretch. Her protocol is LC but focuses on nutrient density, which I think is essential for a healthy diet. I don’t have any autoimmune issues.

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how many ounces is that?


You can Google the benefits of cacao- from which chocolate is derived. It has no sugar and essentially no carbs. We like it for the antioxidant benefits. Here’s the brand we use:


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It’s not about actual benefits for some posters, it’s about arguing and doubt-casting. Incessant arguing and doubt-casting about everything.

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If that’s directed at me then grow up.

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Can you convert that to ounces/grams. I don’t know what a cup is, in terms of measurements