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@Gaff makes a good point. Maybe give it 24 hrs?

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Yeah, but I grew up and worked out that I could just take myself off somewhere else without the dramatics.


then why employ them ?


It’s the internet. Why take things so personally? Just message an admin and work out what’s wrong. KCKO!


If you can do rolling edits then surely @juice can roll his eyes.

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Whoa, you almost got me there, I was THIS close to clicking the like button…



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Just one like to give is unfair.

OTOH, they are rationed, which seems to be against the idea of keto.


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Damn, dude, almost… You either didn’t eat enough fat today or you didn’t fast long enough.

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It’s BOTH today, in that I haven’t had my first meal yet, but no doubt I should fast longer :slight_smile:


Have you considered fasting?

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Shouldn’t you be sitting in the ocean catching :blowfish::blowfish:?


I am, but only for 36 hours max. Then I will carb up on some seaweed.


And then you actually spent the time going through and removing all your posts?!! Wow, that’s some serious commitment to petty retribution.


Just thought I’d peek in with a box of Kleenex.




He carries it well I must say.