Help on muscle spasms 2.5 yrs in!

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All good questions!
Running times are now sort of stable. I don’t push myself as hard because I’m pretty tired. But I’ve certainly been able to add miles if desired.
Re: weights. I am DEFINITELY losing muscle. I don’t do weight training near as much as I should. Once every 7-10 days. I’m super lean for a female, I think, and I’ve started to consider adding back on some muscle although arguably when you look at me most people say “I’m jacked”. I’m not. I just have very low intramuscular body fat so you can see the muscle striations. Point is - not I’m not hitting PRs, I’m losing a bit of strength.
Obsessed with sleep. Wear an Oura ring. I generally score an 85-95 sleep score with an average of 7.5-8.3 hrs of sleep per night. Religious about being in bed by 9:15PM.
Blood test - 2 weeks ago. CRP was 0.18. Very low. All of my inflammation markers were very low actually. Which I found interesting as I didn’t actually expect that. Proves my methodology that doing keto has truly reduced full body inflammation and therefore helpful with my chronic disease / pain battle.
I had an ULTRA active day yesterday so I’m going to try your plan today!
200 mile race?! With what type of efforts? All running? All biking?! Blend? That’s incredible. You’re obviously carb-loading around that type of intensity?




This is not good long-term. To build strength, I applied the Pareto principle. 20 percent of your effort produces 80% of the result. The program is really simple and very effective for gaining strength. Muscles are not sore the next day. This was a game-changer for me, as I could still ride and train.
M-F only, take weekends off. 1 hour per day
M-W: 5x5x5: 5 sets of 5 reps and 5 minutes of rest between sets. 5–10 minutes of stretching after
Only add weight (5–10 lbs) if you can complete all 5 sets.
Monday: Squats
Tuesday: Chest Press
Wednesday: Dead Lifts.
Thursday and Friday, you do 4x4x5 at 80% of the previous weight.
Thursday: Chest Press
Friday: Squats
Weekend: no weight lifting.

With the amount of soreness you describe, I would have your doctor check for other signs of inflammation. It sounds like your HRV is also good. Strange.

The 200-mile race was a cycling event. Start to finish above Zone 2. (Blood lactate above 1.9 mmol/L). My fueling strategy was not really carb loading. I made a liquid fuel concoction in bulk. I partitioned them into portable fuel belt bottles, and then I would freeze them. I would consume one bottle entirely every 75 minutes. It contained water, protein, fat, and carbs.
Protein: Whey powder
Fat: MCT oil (liquid form)
Carbs: UCAN Generation (resistent starch)

In race situations, I will also add in simple carbs such as gels to increase the carbs in this mixture. Each bottle contained about 250 calories. Carbs are between 22 and 34 grams. Protein is 8 grams, and fat is 9 grams. Zero stomach distress.

This recipe was given to me by a sports scientist who has been using it extensively for endurance race situations for his athletes. He first exposed me to keto 12+ years ago.

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Okay, I’ve always had this cramping stuff. If I yawn. My tongue could cramp.
Along my ribs. My foot curls like a cripple with extreme pain, and I jump out of bed to stand on it, despite the pain, which stretches it back out.

I’ve tried so many things. Electrolytes and Magnesium really helped. But in the end, I was diagnosed with CIRS. I found out ADH / OSMOALITY should be checked. Mine were off. (ADH = Anti-Dieuretic Hormone, and the other has to do with how you are absorbing/holding water). After Treatment for CIRS, and a round of IVM… It basically went away.

I can still get some if I walk 12+ miles while fasting (with no electrolytes). But I don’t get the night time stuff any more.

I was peeing 5+ times/night (very little each time, ughh). I now sleep through the night.

I mention this, because sometimes it’s deeper than we think. As my CIRS slipped into remission, so many things started leveling out.

(icky) #25

What’s IVM? Do you know what caused your CIRS? What was the treatment for it?

(Kirk Wolak) #26

Sorry, IVM = Ivermectin (The drug that shall not be named, LOL).
CIRS is both genetic and triggered. My body has a beautiful inflammatory response. I once bumped my shin, And the bone swelled up/out so much it looked like a painful birth defect. The next day it was a “normal” bump.

But, I don’t have the ability to CLEAR mycotoxins that things like mold/fungi produce. So, mine was Triggered twice. Once by my fathers house. I literally gained 20lbs the first month after exposure, I thought it was because he passed,
and I was eating a bit more, and out of my element.

The second exposure was Covid that became long-covid-like. But it is turning out that a LOT (if not most) of the long covid cases… Involve people with the CIRS genes. It’s now part of the GENIE (CIRS Genetic Testing). That 1-2 punch really did a number of me. For me, it manifested as a Chronic Fatigue, with suicidal ideation. The latter being 100% abnormal for me… I reached out and got help,
and tested and clearly had CIRS genes, and was failing the ( Vision Test, an indication of brain inflammation).

I used to drink about 20oz of liquid at night during my sleep cycle. I would wake up to pee and drink. And that’s the ADH/Osmoality just being messed up. Stabbing pains, strange cramps, and like 38 other symptoms are in the symptoms cluster. You can check out Surviving Mold, or Nutrition With Judy for more information on CIRS. NwJ (Judy Cho) found that she had a lot of Carnivores that were not getting 100% better, and “carnivore harder” wasn’t working for them. She stumbled into CIRS and started testing. We met at a conference in Boca. And she was on the fence as to whether I might have it (It was post my fathers house, but before covid by 18 months). After Covid, I reached out to her… When I failed the VCSTest (miserably). She ordered the bloodwork, and it became a rabbit hole bigger than Low-Carb for me. So, as I became suicidal, I KNEW I had a “disease” at the root of it, so seeking help was so much easier.

As always, I lucked into knowing the right people at just the right time. It blows my mind how many times the Invisible Hand of God (or whatever you believe) has intervened. Now NwJ has a whole part of her practice where she deals with nothing but CIRS and root cause healing for these people.

Finally, as I dig deeper. Food is still a critical component. But I tolerate MORE foods now! Because I am less inflamed for other reasons! Which makes sense.

HTH (Hope That Helps)

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Interesting story. So, you took IVM to counteract whatever virus (?) was causing your CIRS?


I has a lot of anti inflammatory properties. It’s one reason it helped so many with Covid by reducing the inflammation that would have made it worse.

It has a treasure trove of off-label uses way beyond its initial approval of use. There is a reason it won the Nobel prize. It’s also one of the safest medications out there.

The way all the politicians, government entities, compromised medical institutions, and big pharma are pushing so heavily against it and over-controlling its prescribing is only a sign that it’s more a danger to their pocketbooks than it is to us.

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To be clear. FLCCC Protocol for “Spike Protein Damage” (Long Covid) Includes IVM, etc. etc. So I don’t want to downplay the others stuff, but I felt the IVM moved the needle.

And yes. Keep in mind that IVM reduces what can get into the cells (however it does that). That’s why it’s important to take it early (and even prophylactically, like the in the India Study).

Keeping along those lines. Evidence is being tested that IVM in higher doses may help cancer patients (no idea how/why). But it was shown those people who took the IVM Prophylactically were protected from the Annual FLU as well. Again, same theory that it makes it harder for the virus to get into your cells. Where replication happens.

Finally… I took it because my doctor recommended it, because he witnessed it helping many of his other CIRS patients that were triggered by Covid. It turns out our CIRS also reduces our ability to clear the spike protein from our system. I did NOT expect much, tbh… Then I felt much better… And checked in with him. That’s when he said a lot of people with Long Covid have CIRS Genetics. Ahhh…

When I learned it might help with the annual Flu… I instantly knew why “Big Pharma” might want to vilify it even more…

And with CIRS it’s not as much “causing”, it’s more like “adding to it”.
CIRS is about being unable to clear toxins. any additional toxins make you feel much worse. We get drawn to Carnivore, because we feel so much better (reducing our loads of inflammation caused by food). In my case, COVID was the last exposure that broke the dam, triggered chronic fatigue. Before it was more of a malaise, like having a slight flu every day, without a fever, but feeling achy, tired.
So, you have to see it like a spectrum. That’s why we use REMISSION. because the next time I get exposed, it will start impacting me. And will likely lead to me taking the BINDERS (which bind to the excess junk, and help me eliminate it).



Ivermectin is an over-30-year-old wonder drug that treats life-threatening parasitic infections. Its lasting influence on global health has been so profound that two of the key researchers involved in its discovery and development won the Nobel Prize in 2015.
A team of researchers from Merck (Big Pharma) also discovered that the drug also worked against a human parasite that causes an infection called river blindness.
In the years since it was approved to treat river blindness, ivermectin has also been shown to be highly effective against other parasitic infections. This includes an intestinal roundworm infection that affects an estimated 30 to 100 million people worldwide. Ivermectin is given away for free in the poorest countries (Merck Big Pharma).

Beyond the use of certain parasitic infections, what other off-label uses are there?

Off-label and repurposed drugs can sometimes be very successful at treating other things. There was an attempt with chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19. Both the Chinese and the CDC attempted to test these two drugs as a viable treatment option, but due to the serious toxic effects patients experienced before the drug reached a high enough dose, both stopped.

Ivermectin came onto the world media stage in April of 2020. A laboratory study from Australia claimed invermectin could be used to treat COVID-19. Although the results from this study were widely circulated, most who read it had doubts. The concentrations of ivermectin they tested were 20 to 2,000 times higher than the standard dosages used to treat human paraitic infections. At such a high level, the drug could be significantly toxic. Another commonly cited paper on ivermectin’s purported effects against COVID-19 was withdrawn in July 2021 after scientists found serious flaws with the study. These flaws ranged from incorrect statistical analyses to discrepancies between collected data and published results to duplicated patient records and the inclusion of study subjects who died before even entering the study. Even more concerning, at least two other often-cited studies have raised concerns about scientific fraud.

Ivermectin, when used correctly, has prevented millions of potentially fatal and debilitating infectious diseases. It’s meant to be prescribed only to treat infections caused by parasites. It’s not meant to be prescribed by parasites looking to extract money from desperate people during a pandemic.


Sorry! What does CIRS stand for?

(Kirk Wolak) #32

Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome.
It is genetic and affects 20-25% of the population.
It is triggered by things like… Mold, Lyme Disease, Actinos/Dust. Can be triggered by CV19 or the vaxx. It looks tied to long covid in that there is a huge amount of overlap between CIRS genes and getting long covid.
Of course, the science is early, and the message can’t always permeate due to censorship.
The primary/(most common) symptom of CIRS is “Chronic Fatigue”, which also overlaps with Long Covid.
As your body deals with inflammation, it’s a lot like waking up every day with a slight flu. You just don’t feel right. (Many end up in the carnivore space, because it helps reduce the symptoms. But it’s no cure. It’s part of the things you might need to do)